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February 23, 2012

Future Tech – our concept has evolved!

We brought you the Nokia Connector the other day – some Nokia Connects thoughts on what the future of design could hold (in *no way* any sort of official concept) – and now we’ve tweaked it a little, based on your comments!

For those of you that missed it, here’s the concept as it stood on Saturday

So what did we change? Well, based on the following comments, you’ll see what’s new at the end of this post

Nicolas Liu liked the 3D projector – ‘I like the 3D projector most. It’s important to have one handy for business applications. Flexibility is another good point. This is fresh and totally original.’

Tedora wanted something that was ‘easy to handle’

(e)CLAU mentioned the ‘elegant design’ and we think we’ve moved away from the standard shape, but not too far so that it’s a novelty

Perhaps the most noticeable addition is the suggestion from Richard Townsend for ‘an A4 size screen that is some how stored in a ‘standard’ sized phone…Maybe even a plug in’

So you asked, we got our pencil out and drew. Time to reveal the Nokia Connector 2.0…

What do you think? A thin, shaped-to-the-hand design that incorporates both a 3D screen and 3D projector, button-free (except when they appear in 3D) and with an plug-in giant screen that folds away in your pocket for those times when you simply must work on something bigger – might it even replace the laptop?

Again, time to stress this is purely a community concept, and will not be put into development by Nokia – but I’m sure the design team is watching and these ideas from actual Nokia users will percolate down and may well see there way into a future phone. Any more tweaks? Do let us know by leaving more comments – we’re big fans of what you have had to say so far…keep them coming!