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February 28, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #8

Where to start this week – with so much being suggested last week and a whole slew of smiles filling my feed over the last few days, there’s a lot to bring you on Nokia Connects today – why don’t I just jump in at the beginning?

Worship at the Church of Lego? Don’t mind if I do!

Actually, there’s more to this elegant block-built structure from the Netherlands than meets the eye. Firstly, the rather disappointing piece of information that it’s not actually a church, but a pavilion for a festival – constructed to host parties. Well, that kind of makes it better, I guess. The second soul-crushing fact is that the large blocks aren’t actually Lego, but concrete. That’s not good enough. I demand a 65-foot high Lego cathedral, and if I don’t get one by next week’s Make Me Smile Monday, I’ll….cry. Ah well, even if it’s not real, it still made me smile.


Ever wondered about the size of the Universe and felt really, really small? Like if you carried on thinking about it your head might melt with the sheer magnitude of it? Unless the Earth is a marble in a giant’s pocket and the stars are the gaps in the weave of his trousers (seriously, I used to think this), then this page showing the Scale of the Universe will blow. Your. Mind. Seriously, see if you can find ‘Total Human Height’ and see how it fits in your perspective. Also of note is the diameter of Pluto is about the same length as the state of California…no wonder it’s not a planet any more! It certainly made me smile, especially the ‘Choir of Angels’-style soundtrack.

A bonus item in this section – 6 everyday things seen extremely close up. See if you can identify them before scrolling down and revealing each answer. Number 2 sent shivers down my spine when I read what it was!


We’ve featured ohiseeRed before (back on Make Me Smile Monday #4…ah, those were the days) when she painted with a basketball and red paint. Well it seems she’s been at it again, this time using spilled coffee and a cup…

Now *that’s* a talent that makes me smile.


So yeah, this band is doing the ‘viral’ thing. The way they play each others instruments makes me smile. The choice of cover isn’t too shabby either

Hats off to the bearded guy. He made me smile.


Another blast from the past – remember the cupcake periodic table from MMSM #7 last week? Well that is *nothing*. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Periodic Table Table. Theo Gray has crafted an actual table (you know that you can eat from, or put film your Nokia unboxings on) that contains samples of (nearly) every element in the periodic table. Has to be seen to be believed, so here goes:

Such epic geekery always, always makes me smile.


Quick Grins

Jacaré shared this one, and while I tried not to smile at someone else’s misfortune, it really was hard not to. Karma!

A desk lamp. Nothing to smile about there. A Tetris desk lamp. Now try and stop yourself smiling!

Remember the baby lion who couldn’t roar (another MMSM #4 alum….sure was an excellent vintage)? Well double the cute.

You’ve seen those mosaics that take images from a film and glue them all together to make one big picture, haven’t you? Well I see those and raise you this.

Someone didn’t like the taste of whatever is on this plate. Thanks to Harold Goco for that image!

The nerd in me could not let this awesome animation pass without a mention (yes, it features more Lego and yes, it features Star Wars – so sue me :))


Your smiles

Srivatsan Krishnamurthy – The ability to not give in…in the face of adversities and wake up confident that something positive will happen.

Hansjörg Leichsenring – I smiled on my morning walk with our dog about her playing around with a piece of wood.

@liaboyd – Woke up to find one of my cats curled up facing me near the pillow, with a paw on my hand.

Emmanuel Gonot – I smiled today watching my chubby 3-year old son dancing while eating a muffin and singing at the top of his lungs.

Erin Patrick – I smiled this weekend, all weekend, as my son graduated from college with his second degree!

@Nhocht – Waking up to my baby daughter snuggling up this morning. 🙂


What’s made you smile this week? Anything tickled your funny bone, creased your cheeks or forced a chuckle? Share them with us in the comments