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February 29, 2012

#MWC12 Day Two Summary

Day Two – not so much about the announcements, more about letting the news settle in, and to do some serious reflection on what happened on Day One – but it’s not like nothing happened today.

via My Nokia Blog

You’ve seen the reactions to the Asha announcements and the cool things that you maybe didn’t know about them (if you haven’t, check out those links), and understandably most of the chatter was about the Nokia 808 PureView.

Interviews with the CEO and Damian Dinning

Stephen Elop was doing the rounds in Barcelona giving interviews about all things 808 PureView, Asha and Lumia. In a chat with TechCrunch he discussed the Nokia 808 PureView and why the 41MP camera was put into a Symbian phone

‘This is the type of innovation that Nokia has traditionally been known for…it was more important to bring that to the market, and to see what works and what needs to be improved.’ He says that the technology will make it into its Windows devices, too: ‘This will live on in the future,’ he said.

He went on to discuss the future for cheaper Nokia Lumia devices like the Nokia Lumia 610, tablets and competition. Well worth a read.

It seems all the heavyweights were out chatting about the announcements. Damian Dinning (Nokia imaging king) chatted to some of our friends about the Nokia 808 PureView.

via My Nokia Blog

Ali reports on the Q&A in bullet form which is quite a cool way to get the pertinent info over – like these facts:

4x LOSS-LESS Optical zoom
the 808 images can be saved in JPG format
The 808 supports HDR mode (called Bracketing in the settings)

So how is Mobile World Congress working out for you? Let us know @Nokia_Connects or, you know, leave us a comment and share those thoughts with everyone.