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February 29, 2012

Weekly Regional Spotlight: Spain

Hola! This week we’re heading over to España, home of Mobile World Congress, to see what our Mediterranean friends have been up to.

via Moyan_Brenn

Now, it would be impossible to begin a regional spotlight on Spain without mentioning that Barcelona has been named as the Mobile World Capital from 2012-2018. This week, Spain’s second city is playing host to Mobile World Congress, where Nokia has made some exciting announcements – including the launch of the incredible Nokia 808 PureView. Here on Nokia Connects we have been avidly following events on the ground, bringing you the latest updates from the Spanish coast.

But Barcelona isn’t the only Spanish city on our radar. A very special event occurred in Madrid recently to celebrate the launch of the Amazing Everyday Lumia 800. Nokia created an interactive experience called Amazing Ciudad (‘Amazing City’) in order for the citizens of Madrid to discover new and exciting places in their city. This video pretty much says it all:

Since its launch in Madrid, the Amazing Ciudad has taken off across Spain, and the Amazing Ciudades Facebook app lets Spaniards uploads photos, tips and tricks about their hometowns for other people to share and experience.

From the Nokia Spain YouTube channel, we have this Amazing Everyday video of the World Champion sign turner (yes, that’s a real thing) showing us his best moves. If this doesn’t inspire you to… turn signs… I don’t know what does!

Other Amazing Everyday events that have been happening across Spain include the Nokia Amazing Campus in Madrid, a live music event with the talented @musicopolis, and the Nokia Amazing Art challenge, a competition to find the most talented photographers and musicians in Spain. Here’s one of my favourite winning photo entries from David López:

And here’s one from Nokia Spain’s Facebook page, just for fun!

Have these stories from Spain have inspired you to make your own amazing Nokia pictures? Do you want us to focus on what’s happening where you are next week? Let us know below or @Nokia_Connects