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March 5, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #9

Time to turn that frown upside down, blow away the Monday Blues and put a grin on your face with some of the mildly amusing and downright amazing stories that have found their way into my inbox this week.

via dna info

That cheesy portrait of the POTUS on the wall in that photo above? Pretty good, right? Iconic. Clean. Made with thumb tacks. Wait…what? Yeah, you heard it right – Andre Woolery has just opened an exhibition of portraits of black icons using thumb tacks (drawing pins to some of you). Wow, that’s made me smile. Taking inspiration from that, I’m off to try and recreate an cool pic I took of my cat using staples.


Yeah, so the staple portrait of the cat didn’t go so well. Let’s watch a video of an American shooting something. Remember the guy who shot up his daughter’s laptop in MMSM #7 (kind of went a bit viral)? Well this ‘astounding gentleman’ (as Gizmodo dubbed him) is also keen on shooting things. Well, not things actually, but himself.

The sheer stupidity of this makes me smile. What did he *think* was going to happen? This kind of sums it up.


Time for a little more jaw-dropping now, thankfully not at the ridiculous man shooting himself, but at 3D street art. These stunning creations (made with what looks like a bit of chalk on an ordinary pavement/sidewalk). Thanks to my friend Lisa for bringing these back to the top of my list of awesome.

via hongkiat

It’s like the street has opened up to reveal the horror below…but life goes on.

More, you say? OK, here’s another

via 3D Street Art

This kind of talent makes me smile. Especially the imagination it takes to open up the underworld, peeling back the street to see what lies beneath. Love it.


I’ve heard of lawn mower racing. We all have (right? right?). I’ve even seen it on a popular motoring TV show. But those crazy Finns have taken things one step further. They have lawns (presumably for about 3 days a year), so they have lawn mowers. But for a lot of the time they have snow and ice. And lots of it. Despondent at seeing their lawn mowers idling unused in garages, some clever chap (or chapess) decided to take one for a spin on a frozen pond, and a new sport was born:

This really made me smile.


I’ve spent my fair share of time puzzling over some obtuse Scandinavian diagrams – usually with complete success in the long run – but I think I might need to call in some help for this one. Not content with a bookcase or bed, a certain Swedish furniture company famed for its blue and yellow stores and cheap meatballs has introduced an entire flatpack….house. Yes, house.

via ideabox

This makes me smile, if only for the fact that the hammer:thumb ratio will massively increase when building a house over a wardrobe.


In these stark economic times, it’s good to see that those among us who don’t have to worry about the mortgage or impending financial meltdown can smile. That they are usually animals say a lot.

Recently, we’ve seen Smiley Riley, a grinning dog that thinks he’s human. And to look at him, you can see the resemblance. Smug face.

Then there was the ‘internet sensation’ that was Smiley Riley’s rival – another dog, another breed, another grin.

And as if that wasn’t enough, how about an owl who thinks life is (winces) ‘a hoot’?


Quick Grins

Solving a Rubik’s cube is something I could never do. This guy can. Quickly. Blindfolded.

We all love Angry Birds. But how about playing the game on your computer with a real. Life. Catapult?

Take one crystally thing. One camera. Best refraction video ever. Yeah, possibly the only refraction video you’ll ever watch, but it’s a good ‘un.

Domino record videos are always fun to watch, but this one’s a little different. The dominoes are mattresses. With humans strapped to them.

Definitely one in the ‘don’t try this at home’ category. Trike drifting.

Anyone who watches this video of an 18 mile crack in a glacier and is *NOT* thinking about flying in an X-wing towards the heart of the Death Star isn’t as geeky as I am. Fact. Hands up who let out an involuntary ‘pew pew’ when you got to the end.


What’s made you smile this week? Anything tickled your funny bone, creased your cheeks or forced a chuckle? Share them with us in the comments