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GLOBAL – Since Windows Phone came to Nokia smartphones on the Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 900, people have loved having top-quality PC-style games on their mobiles. And there’s loads more fun to come from Microsoft in 2012, including some real blockbusters. Here’s the top ten titles we’re talking about.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012
Football fans won’t need to wait long for the next episode of the Pro Evolution Soccer series as this is due to hit the Windows Phone Marketplace in the Spring. Tighten up those bootlaces, strap on those shin guards, become your favourite football team and fight back from 0-4 in the game of your dreams.


Everybody loves a board game, and here’s an award-winning title that won’t leave you bored. The path to victory lies in turning over and placing the virtual wooden tiles to create a medieval landscape. Connect roads to roads, fields to fields and cities to cities, creating a new landscape every time you play.

The person with the most points, once all the tiles have been used, wins.

Civilization Revolution
For nearly twenty years, the Sid Meier’s Civilization franchise has been entertaining gamers who enjoy world domination in their spare time.

Starting in a relatively unexplored land, your solitary settler must negotiate the terrain to start a colony. Once you’ve done that, farming, trading and production will quickly follow.

Build up your civilisation and expand it across the globe and let nothing stand in your way.

In classic space-shooter style, you control a ship capable of destroying anything that gets in its path. You’ll find the lasers and bombs extremely useful in removing the fast-approaching enemies from the screen.

GeoDefense Swarm

GeoDefense Swarm
This is a tower defense game. Place your towers on the board to fortify your zone, defending yourself from any enemies.

If you make it through one level alive, you’ll need to survive the next wave of attacks in the next. Just stay alive to win.

Gerbil Physics
Sounds weird, but in this game there are buildings made of gerbils. Yes, that’s right the furry rodent variety. Your task is to destroy those buildings and watch the burning little critters fly through the air, in this physics-based game.

Sounds cruel, but it’s adorable, destructive fun.

Pinball FX2
In the not so distant past, before computer games, people use to love nothing more than firing a ball around a brightly-coloured assault course in what was known as “pinball machine”.

This experience can now be enjoyed on your Nokia Lumia. Fire the ball, then hit it with the paddles and watch it bounce around the board – effortlessly. Lots of flashing lights and electronic pinging sounds will make for a fun time.


Wordament is a puzzle game with a difference. Instead of playing it by yourself, you’ll be pitched against everybody else. And we mean everybody.

Across the whole of the Internet, those playing at the same time as you will be presented with the exact same word puzzle. The person who finds the best word in that puzzle will get the highest score. Continue to win the best word and to become the ultimate Wordament champion.

For details on how this hugely-popular game came into existence, the Windows Phone Blog has a great interview with the game creators – John Thornton and Jason Cahill. Plus, read our Wordament review for more in-depth details.

Avast me hearties – another one from Sid Meier, Pirates! And don’t ask why buccaneers are so compelling in a video game – they just aarrgh! Pirates! transports you to a bygone age where you command the choppy-seas and install fear in all those who cross you.

As the captain of a motley crew, navigating the never-ending ocean isn’t easy. Of course you’ll find treasure maps, of course you’ll fight bandits and of course you’ll make people walk the plank. Why, because you’re the captain, the most feared on the seven seas.

Shoot 1UP

Shoot 1UP
This is a shipping adventure different from the one above. In Shoot 1UP, you start with a single ship cruising the solar system, seeking revenge for the destruction of your home world.

On your journey, you’ll add other ships to your quest in the form of 1UPs. as soon as you collect one, your fleet of ships will increase and follow you into battle. You’ll soon be an unstoppable force, taking command of the stars and securing success.

Are you looking forward to some more gaming on your Nokia Lumia smartphone? Which one are you most looking forward to? Let us know, using the comments section, below.