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GLOBAL – What happens when you cross a word game with a tournament? You get a game called Wordament – a unique game that’s played solely online which pits you against hundreds of other players at the same time. It’s you versus the Internet. No pressure. Can you ever win?

Earlier this week, we mentioned briefly that Wordament was one of the ten new Windows Phone games coming to Nokia Lumia in 2012.

Don’t think that Wordament is just another slow-paced word puzzle game. It’s the complete opposite. You’re against the clock and it’s a furious dash to find as many words as possible before the two minutes runs out.

And remember, everybody who is playing this game around the world is playing the exact same board as you, in real-time.

The words are hidden in a 4×4 grid containing 16 letters – sometimes more in the special rounds, where one tile will have two letters upon it. Using this tile will get you extra points.



On each board there are over 100 words to find and words can only be made up with neighbouring tiles. Think you see a word? Place your finger on the starting letter and drag your finger across the tiles to make up that word. If it’s correct, the points will be added up and included to your total score.

When the two minutes are up, you’ll be taken to the leaderboard where you’ll see how many words you found and, as is often the case, the many, many words you didn’t find. Keep an eye out for them in future games, they may appear again.



Your gameplay is also tracked and your playing stats are logged. This will give you details on how many seconds it takes you to find a word, the number of points you receive per word and also a percentage rank so you can see how you fair round over round. This is the quick way to see how you’re competing against the other players.

With the option to add Frenemies (friends and/or enemies) you can keep a close eye on up to 25 people. This is great when trying to beat your friends.

Wordament is a really unique but addictive game. The competitive element of playing against people from around the world really makes you want to reach the high scores.

Wordament is free from the Windows Phone Marketplace so download it on your Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800 or Nokia Lumia 900, today.

Have you tried Wordament yet? What’s the best word you’ve found? Or what’s your best score? Let us know, using the comments section below.