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GLOBAL – We have evidence the the lottery scammers are at it again, after a reader posted a question about winnings. Worryingly they also published their email and phone number in the comment field.

We strongly advise that you don’t post such personal details on the web here or on any other site.

A lottery of any kind is always great to win. However, if you’ve not entered a lottery then there’s no chance you would have won a windfall. Absolutely no chance. We’d like to clear up, again, that the Nokia Lottery doesn’t exist and you certainly haven’t won it. It’s a scam. Read on for more details.

Nokia Lottery is a scam

We’ve covered this topic before, with such posts as: Nokia Lottery scammers: still out there. Beware; Nokia don’t do lotteries – beware the scam!; Nokia Lottery is a scam; and Beware hoax emails and texts.

And just so we’re making ourselves absolutely clear. There is no Nokia Lottery. Please don’t fall for it.

Why have you received an email or SMS telling you you’ve won the Nokia Lottery? Because callous scammers are randomly targeting people to try to steal their bank details or money. Don’t give it to them. In fact don’t give out ANY personal details to anyone, unless you know them.

If you receive a message telling you that you’ve won £250,000, or $600,000 or any other amount in any other currency, just ignore it. Do not reply to it.

If you want some help or want to report these messages to someone who might be able to stop them, there are several agencies and sites out there that can help.

The Nokia Lottery is just one name these people use. They could use Nokia Live Promo, Nokia year promotion, Nokia New year bonanza, or Nokia Anniversary. It’s all the same thing. It’s all a scam. You haven’t won anything.

As is always the case, if it looks too good to be true, it is. Somebody – even a company – will never give you money for nothing – unless you entered a competition.

Have you been sent an email or SMS telling you’ve won the Nokia Lottery? Firstly, report it to the authorities. Then let us know, using the comments section below.