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March 12, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #10

Time for our weekly look on Nokia Connects at what has fallen off my RSS feed and made me smile this week – topped and tailed by everyone’s favourite small coloured plastic interlocking building bricks.

via Inhabitat

This article didn’t make me smile as a prelude to an all-out stomach clenching guffaw, but more of a ‘yes, that is the perfect use for Lego, well done young man’ type of way. Leon Overweel is 14 years old and he has put his mad skills to good use by inventing a machine that holds a pen which draws pictures and messages and is built entirely of Lego. Well done, sir! You made me smile.


Those chaps at College Humor have what seems to be an almost bottomless supply of funny (most, if not all, of it unsuitable for these pages) and have made me smile by – appropriately – identifying 8 types of laughter. It would have been almost rude to have refused them space in this post. See how many of these you can identify over the next hour after you read this from friends, colleagues and family members. Let me know if you find any examples of the ‘Screaming Banshee’ in your office…


Remember this 404 page from MMSM #4? No? Well it was 6 weeks ago….anyway, I’ve found a rival. A 404 page that goes above and beyond the ‘oops, what you’re looking for isn’t here’. It’s clean, crisp, interactive and it has a shooty spaceship. It’s ace, and it made me smile, Until I got blown up. Repeatedly. Well done to the guys at Heyzap – both for this, and having the monthly hacking session from which this 404 was born. Grand idea.


Never missing an opportunity to poke fun at myself, or my fellow adopted countrymen I was alerted by a ‘friend’ to a Google search that will be guaranteed to make you smile. Try typing ‘Meanwhile, in Canada’ into an image search for guaranteed smiles like this.

via I Am Kio


The only reason I smiled at this piece of Lego is at the silliness. I can’t imagine how the conversation actually went but it must have been along the lines of ‘Hey Bill, you know we each spent $400 and many hours building these incredibly detailed Star Wars Lego models – at the expense of friendships and having a life and meeting women? Yeah? Let’s destroy them by crashing them into each other. Badly.’

The sheer idiocy makes me smile.


Your grins

Anne Thomas – My dog hopped on the treadmill with me yesterday while it was running 🙂 He had quite the surprise!

Psychomania – Dread to think how many left over pieces you’d have after putting that house up! [a reference to the flat pack house from last week’s MMSM]

Jacaré – This guy made me smile today: It´s one of his more innocent videos 😉


What’s been making you smile this week? Anything tickled your fancy that you’d like to share? Let me know @Nokia_Connects and you could see yourself featuring in a MMSM soon.