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March 12, 2012

Nokia Belle – a software 'revolution'

Since the Nokia Belle update first rolled out at the beginning of February, there have been many positive comments and reviews from you faithful Nokia fans. A month on, how is Nokia Belle faring, especially since the introduction of the awesome Nokia 808 PureView?

via RafeB

In his comprehensive review for Techmobility, Cristian calls the new Nokia Belle a ‘revolution’ rather than an evolution of Symbian, praising the way it ‘supports true multitasking’.

Why am I calling it a revolution? Because Nokia finally got rid of many of the perks that were holding Symbian back.

His review is amazingly detailed and in-depth, and I really can’t do full justice to it here. Suffice to say that overall, Belle seems to tick many of his boxes!

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Phones Review calls Belle the ‘update with personality’, while Vijay was also impressed with the ‘modern look’, ‘better usability’ and ‘speed’ of the Nokia Belle update, particularly its ability to configure up to six different homescreens.

My N8 runs much faster and smoother after the upgrade to Belle. Transitions are smoother and near-instantaneous, apps run quickly and the phone rarely gives the impression of being slow.

But the big news on the Belle block at the moment is no doubt the announcement of the Nokia 808 PureView, which also runs on Nokia Belle. You guys have been falling over each other to review this amazing new handset, and one of the more comprehensive reviews I found was by My Nokia Blog, which includes a two-part hands-on review. Now, that’s detailed!


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