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White Nokia Lumia 800 back

GLOBAL – Only two months ago, we shared news that the Nokia Lumia was spreading around the world, and we did this using the Nokia Lumia Momentum Map. Today, we take another look at that map to see what’s changed. Quite a lot, it seems.

In January, there were three Nokia Lumia smartphones announced, now in March, that count rises to four. But what good is it launching a new phone if people can’t get their hands on it?

Well, at the time the map was published, Nokia Lumia was only available in 13 markets. Now, just two months later, it’s available in 35 different markets around the world. With more being added all the time.

Nokia Lumia Momentum Map March

As for the apps available for your Nokia Lumia smartphone, that’s increasing way beyond 65,000. That will continue to rise as people begin to port apps to Windows Phone or as more people try to make millions becoming a game developer.

A key part of getting these phones out there and helping this momentum map to grow are the mobile operators. After all, they actually help put the Nokia Lumias into people’s pockets. The number of mobile operators now selling the Nokia Lumia is over 60, compared to 40 in Jan.

Last weekend I popped into Phones 4U, The Strand, London to see if they had the white Nokia Lumia 800. Fortunately, they’d just received stock of them – exclusively before any other retailer.

White Nokia Lumia 800 back

After seeing the display model – and weeks of me playing with my black Nokia Lumia 800 – my partner decided that she’d upgrade her contract and go for the white Nokia Lumia 800. Now, she hasn’t upgraded in about five years, so, it’s unusual for her to want to change her phone. But she was compelled to buy it. The first one off the pallet, in fact.

And I can see why. The white Nokia Lumia 800 looks smart and unique. Its glossy white finish is, as the salesman puts it:

“Reminiscent of a Porsche Cayenne.”

I gracefully nod as if to say I know exactly what he means. Which I don’t. But after having Binged it, I can see it does have that same, expensive, highly-polished look.

If you’re looking to purchase a Nokia Lumia phone in your part of the world, the Nokia Lumia Momentum Map is a great way of keeping up-to-date with where it’s landed. The map also shows you launch events, tweets and photos all related to all available Nokia Lumia models.

Have you purchased a Nokia Lumia yet? What colour did you go for? Let us know, using the comments section below.