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Nokia Lumia 900

We’ve already answered many of your questions on the Nokia 808 PureView as part of our Q&A series here on Nokia Connects, and now I’m pleased to bring you the lowdown from our virtual Q&A on the Nokia Lumia 900.

Q: Why is there no 3D Gorilla glass on the Lumia 900 as on the Lumia 800?

A: We do have Gorilla Glass on the 900 but not the curved glass, this is to maintain balance for thinness and weight.

Q: The Global Lumia 900 is tweaked for HSPA networks outside the US, but if I travel to the US, will it work on LTE networks??

A: No the global variant won’t work on LTE in the US.

Q: Will the 900 come with pentaband radio?

A: No it won’t.

Q: Does the Lumia 900 support the upcoming major Apollo update?

A: We cannot comment on unannounced platform releases, but regarding Lumia 900 updates, we are committed to delivering the best user experience which includes in-market support with updates and features throughout the life of the product.

Q: How soon will we know worldwide availability of the Lumia 900? I’m thinking in markets like South Africa?

A: Worldwide distribution will be confirmed in the second quarter of 2012.

Q: From a design standpoint, I’ve found that not using the cover can lead to scratches on the chrome element around the camera on the Lumia 800, has that been taken into account for the 900?

A: It’s the same design on the 900 as on the 800.

Q: Is the camera on the Lumia 900 better than that on the Lumia 800?

A: The Lumia 900 incorporates camera optimisation for focus and colour balance.

Q: When will the tethering update for the Lumia devices be pushed out?

A: It will be in coming soon for 800 and 710 via Zune update, for 610 and 900 it will be available at launch.

Q: The 900 with its Dual HSPA+ support means better network reception and speeds perhaps… how does that play out for the battery… since the Lumia 800 does not run through the battery?

A: The 900 has a bigger battery, which is optimised for HSPA+ and LTE as well as for a bigger display.

Q: Are we going to see any Nokia 41mp camera phones running windows phone anytime soon?

A: We don’t comment on future releases but we do expect to be leaders to imaging space and bring this innovation into future products.

Q: Does the 900 have the same audio hardware as the 800 or has it been improved? I also find the speaker volume low on the 800, is it better on the 900?

A: It’s the same speaker module on the Lumia 900 as the 800 but based on feedback from the market we have improved the audio tunings.

Q: Are the improvements to the audio tunings on the Lumia 900 to do with hardware or software?

A: It’s a combination of both

Q: When can we expect the Lumia 900 in the US?

A: Lumia 900 will be available with AT+T in the coming months.

Q: When will we start to see more accessories for the Lumia phones?

A: We have DC16 portable chargers, soft and hard covers, play 360 speakers, and 2 monster headsets in all the same colours you see in the Lumia device range!

Q: With the Tango update will Nokia be able to replace the WP stock camera application with an in-house solution? I love the Lumia 800 but the camera application, especially the video recording part, is sub-par, so I was hoping for a better one from Nokia.

A: We can’t comment with anything concrete but we are always looking for ways to optimise the camera experience.

Q: Will there be a way to add a rule-of-thirds grid to the camera app?

A: Good suggestion – something we will speak to Microsoft about.

Q: Does the Lumia 900 have a full-screen viewfinder for video recording?

A: No it doesn’t at the moment we’re afraid – we will discuss this with Microsoft.

Q: Will the Lumia 800 also get GLONASS support?

A: That is a hardware limitation so no it will not.

Q: Will the 900 be available in the Australian market?

A: Yes but timing is not confirmed at the moment.

Q: Will all high-end Nokia Windows phone devices have the same/similar design to the Lumia 800 & 900?

A: We can’t comment on future designs but we’re really pleased with the reception to the award-winning polycarb design 🙂

Q: The Lumia 800 won’t get GLONASS support like you said…what improvement do we see on the 900 in terms of pinpointing, since the Lumia 800 was giddily fast at locating…?

A: With GLONASS we do see greater accuracy plus there is better cover as you can rely on GPS and/or GLONASS systems.

Q: Will the improved audio management be made available also for the 800?

A: Any software improvements on the Lumia 900 will be applicable to the 800 in the future 🙂

Q: Are you guys going to include the features of Nokia Suite with Zune or will you guys integrate the Lumia line-up with the Nokia Suite?

A: Zune is fully capable as a data transfer and backup client for WP so any improvements to it would come via MSFT.

Q: I know you were asked about pentaband already, but what is the reason that your Symbian 3 devices are all pentaband and your Lumia’s so far haven’t been? Is this a chipset/hardware issue and would you do pentaband windows phones if you could?

A: We’re using a Qualcomm engine in Lumia products and no other OEM using the same chipset supports pentaband either.

Q: The biggest question most of the readers on my blog have had is the lack of being able to set custom tones for all kinds of alerts… does the 900 look into this?

A: You can set specific ringtones per person; if you mean something else can you elaborate?

Q: I meant for alarms, SMS and other audio supported alerts….

A: In the current WP 7.5 with extended capabilities these features are not available, MSFT is fully aware of the customisation feedback.

Q: Will AT&T Lumia run on a European network?

A: Yes!

Q: Is there going to be a big advertising campaign for these products as for the Lumia 80? Will we see some other #amazing moments?

A: Yes! 🙂

Q: When can we see music controlled headsets for the Lumia devices?

A: In the current WP version there isn’t support for that but what comes in the future is up to MSFT.

Q: Will there be further differentiation from the standard WP with the Lumia 900? If so what can we expect?

A: At Mobile World Congress, we announced several key areas of WP differentiation:  Design, Imaging, Nokia Drive (voice-guided turn by turn navigation), Nokia Transport, Nokia Reading, Nokia Music (Mix Radio).

Q: Are you planning to integrate the Lumias to Nokia PC Suite?

A: No. The Nokia Lumia range will only be compatible with Microsoft synching solutions.

Hope that’s all your questions answered! Don’t forget to check back here for our Q&A on the Nokia Lumi8a 610 – coming soon on Nokia Connects! @Nokia_Connects