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March 1, 2012

10 cool things that happened at Mobile World Congress 2012

Our finger has been firmly on the MWC12 pulse this week. Thus far, Nokia Connects has brought you all the latest news from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but now we want to look back at our top ten cool things from Espana. Time to say ‘hasta pronto’ to this great event. 

via NokiaOfficial

1. The Nokia 808 PureView wins Best New Mobile Handset: Nokia’s announcement of the 808 PureView with its incredible 41 megapixel camera stole the show for many people in Barcelona this year, and not least the judges of the GSM Global Mobile Awards who have deemed it the Best New Mobile Handset at MWC 2012.

2. Two new Lumia phones: The unveiling of the Lumia 900 and the Lumia 610 was probably the second biggest thing to happen at MWC this week. The Lumia 610 is Nokia’s most affordable Lumia handset yet, but still comes with most of the benefits associated with other Lumias in the family, including; Nokia Maps, Nokia Music, Nokia Reading and the People Hub. The Lumia 900 is finally coming to a wider market around the world, which is sure to be good news for anxious Nokia fans!

3. The Asha family gets extended: as well as the 808 PureView and Lumia 610, Nokia also announced three new additions to its Asha family, the Asha 202, Asha 203 and Asha 302. We’ve already covered five cool things you might not know about these handsets here on Nokia Connects. Between them, these Asha phones are designed to bring affordable mobile technology to more and more people across the developing world, reinstating Nokia’s aim to connect the next billion. If that isn’t something to get excited about, I don’t know what is!

4. Meet the experts: many of the Nokia Product Designers and experts were on the ground meeting and greeting people and answering any questions they had about new and existing Nokia devices. For those of you not lucky enough to be in Barcelona, we also held two virtual Q&A sessions on the Nokia 808 PureView, Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 right here on Nokia Connects.

5. Nano magic: ever wondered what the nano technology is behind Nokia phones? Prepare to be amazed with this video from The Nokia Blog:

6. Nokia and Red Bull: The announcement that Nokia have teamed up with daredevils Red Bull is sure to give anyone wings – especially since the plan is reportedly to “take the everyday experience into the stratosphere.”

“We share the same theme of adventure, and this content is really going to deliver something unique that brings together the elements where Nokia already excels – like location and outdoor adventure, augmented reality, and sharing experiences with your friends.”

Remember the Red Bull Stratos challenge to send a man freefalling from space? Well think like that, but with Nokia. Gnarley.

7. Nokia Life: Nokia Life – the evolution of the services suite formerly known as Life Tools – was announced at Mobile World Congress.

Nokia Life sports a fresh look and feel that focuses towards urban youth and young adults, bringing a completely new interactive dynamic to education, health, agriculture and entertainment services even as it expands into new areas like life skills and parenting advice. Since its launch in 2009, over 50 million people have experienced the service in China, Indonesia, India and Nigeria.

New features include interactive features like “Ask an Expert” and social elements like sharing with your friends and contacts.

8. Make your own music video: To celebrate the launch of the Nokia Asha 302, Nokia lets you direct your very own music video. Watch the trailer below, then follow the link at the end. You will be taken on a whirlwind tour around “The Jessie Rose Trip” music video set in America, YOU are the director and YOU must call all of the shots!

9. Nokia Reading: Another exciting addition to the in-built apps available on Nokia phones, Nokia Reading is set to change the way you consume content on your Nokia phone forever. It provides a single hub where you can access all your favourite books, newspapers and magazines with the same slick and super-functional UI of Nokia Music and Nokia Maps.

“Nokia Reading will bring literature to your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone, and a whole lot more. In fact, we think it has the potential to teach Kindle a trick or two.” Jon Mundy for the NokNok blog.

10. Damian Dinning explains PureView technology: And last but not least, here’s resident expert Damian Dinning talking all about the amazing technology on the Nokia 808 PureView. Enjoy!

What have you enjoyed most about MWC12? Let us know @Nokia_Connects!