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March 16, 2012

The Week in Pictures #2

Following on from last week’s inaugural Week in Pictures here at Nokia Connects, I am pleased to bring you the latest installment of all the inspiring and eye-catching photos from around the world this week. And here’s one to start you off!

via JTproductions on his Nokia Lumia 800

1. Solar Storm

This week has seen some of the strongest solar storms in recent years, which sparked fears of satellite and power interference on Earth, as well as causing some of the most prominent Northern Lights (or in technical terms, Aurorae Borealis) as the sun’s magnetic energy passes through the Earth’s atmosphere.

via pulmonaire

2. Huranga

Huranga occurs the day after the Hindu festival of Holi and is a game played between men and women during which men drench women with liquid colours and women tear the clothes off the men. It certainly looks like a lot of fun!

via santabanta

3. World No Smoking Day

You may not have known it, but this Wednesday (March 13) was World No Smoking Day. So I thought, what better way to mark this occasion than an amusing No-Smoking sign?

via Elfleda

4. Coffee Fest Latte Art Championships

I know what you’re thinking: ‘There’s no such thing as latte art!’ Well, it turns out there is – and there’s an annual championship held in New York and Chicago. Go figure. Here’s one of my personal favourites – both because it’s both really, really cool (well, maybe not that cool) and cute enough to make me smile…

via papermag

5. Africa Fashion Week

Taking place this year in Nigeria’s commercial capital, Africa Fashion Week has become a regular fixture in the world of international fashion.

‘You’ve got Milan, London, New York and Paris. Why not Lagos?’ said organiser Penny McDonald. ‘We’ve been invited to showcase in New York, and to return to Cape Town and other places, but there’s such an appetite for fashion in Lagos that we were comfortable with a vision for making this the fifth fashion capital of the world.’

via anotherfashionbook

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed our second Week in Pictures as much as I did putting it together 🙂 If you have any ideas for next week’s feature, or want to see your own photos in the limelight, then let me know @Nokia_Connects.