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March 19, 2012

Win a trial Nokia N8 with our #NCphotoweek competition!

It’s photography week so we turn to the trusty N8 for this competition! You could head straight to the top of our waiting list to win yourself one of three Nokia N8 trials with Nokia Connects. Yep, believe it baby! I did just say that! Read on to find out more…

via Nokia RSA

All you Nokia Connects veterans out there are probably pretty clued up on our weekly #AmazingBackground competition, where we ask you guys to submit an awesome photo taken on a Nokia phone for us to use as our Twitter background (and if you didn’t know about this, where have you been all year?!).

This week though we’re holding an #NCphotoweek competition that twists the rules of the amazing background comp a little! We want you to put two or more of your pictures together (taken on a Nokia phone, of course) to create a new and creative amazing background.

You can do this in as many ways as you want: as a a collage of different photos, by cropping and re-sizing, or by making images transparent and splicing them together – to create something different, unique and artistic. It’s up to you! We have three trial  Nokia N8 handsets to give away for the lucky winner, who will also have their #amazing background featured on @Nokia_Connects.

Here’s a re-cap of the #AmazingBackground rules:

What format should I submit them in? Anything Twitter-friendly (JPG or PNG is probably best).

What subject should I feature? Anything you like (we’ll choose the best), as long as it’s a combination of two or more images taken on a Nokia.

How will you find it? You’ll have hashtagged it #NCphotoweek and tweeted us @Nokia_Connects

The competition ends at 10am GMT on Monday 26 March.

There you have it, get snapping and show us what you have to offer @Nokia_Connects for your chance to win a Nokia N8 trial! Alternatively post the link to your image below.

Good luck!