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March 20, 2012

The Nokia Connects photoboard: starring you!

As part of #NCphotoweek here at Nokia Connects, we have an exciting new feature which is all about you guys! Intrigued? Then read on my trusty followers…

A classic Calvin and Hobbes storyboard via

Now, I’m sure you all know about the amazing Nokia 808 PureView that was announced at Mobile World Congress (and if you don’t, what planet have you been on?!). Well, here at Nokia Connects we thought we’d pay tribute to this beast of a cameraphone and its ability to tell a “story within a story” in our own special way – by using YOUR photos to create our very own Nokia Connects photoboard.

The idea is simple. You guys send in one or more of your photos that you think could tell a story, and at the end of the week, we put a selection of them together in a photoboard to create our very own Nokia Connects ‘story’.

via venturebeat

Sounds cool, you say, but how do I get involved? All you have to do is send us your photo(s) before 10am GMT on Moday 26 March (taken on a Nokia phone, of course!), either by tweeting us @Nokia_Connects and using the hashtag #NCphotoweek, or simply by posting the link to your photo in the comments below. You can even add a caption to your photo to help us tell the story if you want!

The challenge for us is then to put them all together to tell a story. What do you think it will be about?

Get involved @Nokia_Connects!