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Xbox LIVE on Windows Phone

GLOBAL – The Nokia Lumia smartphones come packed with with entertainment features to make everyday a little more fun. The great gaming experience from Xbox LIVE is just one of the ways you can have fun on your Nokia Lumia smartphone. Last week, Xbox celebrated their 10th UK anniversary by looking back over the milestones in an interactive timeline, including adding Xbox LIVE to Windows Phone.

It underlines how Nokia Lumia phones including the Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 900 are all welded to the plans for this world-beating games system.

Xbox LIVE was first launched on 15th November 2002 when fast Internet speeds made it possible to play high-def (at the time) games with other people from across the world. In today’s world, most mobile phones can achieve super-fast Internet speeds and in October 2010, Xbox LIVE launches on Windows Phone.

Today, Xbox LIVE has over 40 million users. That means your Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 900 all have direct access to that ever- increasing gaming network. With games like Splinter Cell Conviction, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, or Bug Village, you can collect gamerpoints from achievements right from your phone. Boosting your gaming-cred with your mates as you try to become the best gamer.

Xbox Companion app arrives

Wind that timeline on several years, and on 6th December 2011 the Xbox LIVE Companion app arrived for Windows Phones.

This moves beyond just having Xbox LIVE on your Nokia Lumia, your Windows Phone has now become the controller. With Xbox Companion, you can sit back on your couch, search for movies, play the latest song or interact with all the other services stored on your Xbox 360 – right on your phone.

Netflix on Xbox

And as of yesterday, the BBC iPlayer was launched and downloadable for anybody with an Xbox LIVE account. It’s not just limited to Xbox LIVE Gold members, so it’s free for everyone – in the UK, at least.

The Xbox timeline currently reads from the beginning of the century and finishes in a month’s time.

When did you start your journey on their timeline? I’ve been an Xbox owner and user for about ten years. In another ten years time, we’ll see our phones, our consoles and our computer systems doing things we can’t even imagine. Who would’ve though that ten years ago when the Xbox arrived that you’d be able to control it with a mobile phone?