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Snowboarding-in-New-Zealand 185

Following on from our recent extreme sports posts featuring skateboarder Jed Cullum, free runner Pip Anderson and BMX rider James Ivett, we’re now taking smartphones to the snow! We rigged up 18 Nokia Lumia 800s at the Burton Snowboards European Open and captured some awesome snowboarding trampoline tricks.

We’re certainly no strangers to mixing the latest technology with snow after our open-source project – ‘Push Snowboarding’ – in partnership with Burton Snowboards last year. And this year is no different. We’ve just arrived back from the European Open in Laax, Switzerland and the US Open out in Stratton, Vermont in the USA.

During the European Open we hosted the Nokia Après Parties with DJ Yoda, The Nextmen and Norman Jay MBE, let people get some snowy hands-on time with the Lumia 800 as well having a WORLD FIRST – capturing snowboarders’ tricks in BULLET TIME using 18 NOKIA LUMIA 800s!

The 180° Freeze Trampoline was surrounded by a specially designed rig which held the 18 Nokia Lumia 800s and triggered them to take a photo when an attendee (or even professional snowboarder!) showcased their best tricks. A pretty cool mix of smartphones and snowboards, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Check out the video from the European Open and the 180°° Freeze Trampoline below:

Stay tuned for a documentary on the first two snowboarders who were crowned with the Nokia Rookie Awards at the US Open, as well as everything else we got up to out in Stratton, USA in the coming weeks. In the meantime, why not tell us what you’d capture in Bullet Time using the 18 Nokia Lumia 800s above!