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March 26, 2012

Announcing the #AmazingBackground winners

Last week, for #NCphotoweek here at Nokia Connects, I announced an #AmazingBackground competition. All you had to do was to put two or more of your pictures together (taken on a Nokia phone, of course) to create a new and creative amazing background, and three lucky winners would win a trial Nokia N8.

via Phil Kaskela

Now the entries are in, the chips are down, and I can announce without further ado that…

The #AmazingBackground champions are:

** Phil Kaskela **

**Ardi Bramantya **

** Shreader Nasid **

Phil wowed us all here at Nokia Connects with his combined image of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. on a background of cherry blossom in honour of the DC Cherry Blossom Fest, while Ardi‘s photo collage was a brilliant testament to the imaging capabilities of the Nokia N97 Mini:

via Ardi Bramantya

Shreader tells us his image took ‘three different shots of same aspect ratio(9mpx, 16:9)to create it. all the shots are taken with Nokia n8-00 (running on Nokia belle).’ Well done to him for his effort and patience in creating this beautiful overlay of flowers:

via Shreader Nasid

Phil, Ardi and Shreader win themselves a trial Nokia N8, as well as their pictures featured on the @Nokia_Connects Twitter page – well done guys!

We were flooded with entries for this competition, and as always it was tough to choose the overall winners. A big shout out to Fayiz Musthafa for his awesome photo montage – it certainly looks like a lot of time and effort went into it!

via Fayiz Musthafa

And a massive well done to Ludwig Van who used his creative skills to colourise, mirror, and overlay his photo of orchids – to amazing artistic effect. 🙂

via Ludwig Van

Well done to everyone who entered the competition – and don’t forget to keep sending us your Nokia photos for your chance to be featured on the Nokia #AmazingBackground @Nokia_Connects!