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GLOBAL – Nokia’s big screen dream, the Nokia Lumia 900, is nearly upon us, and our American friends tell us that extra 0.6 inch makes all the difference. We’re willing to believe that in some things size might matter, so we set out to find what benefits most from  4.3″ AMOLED ClearBlack screen glory. Here’s our top ten must have apps and games for your Nokia Lumia 900 when it arrives on April 8th. 

Nokia Reading, £Free

Due to start rolling out in April, Nokia Reading provides you with the very best reading material – and all the latest best-sellers – on your Nokia Lumia smartphone. We were impressed at Mobile World Congress with this great app, and a large screen, such as the 4.3″ one on the Nokia Lumia 900, makes it an even better read.

Fruit Ninja, £2.29
Strap that Hachimaki around your forehead and get ready for some fast-paced, fruit-slicing ninja action. Your finger becomes your samurai sword as you remove all the fruity menace from your screen. With simple swipe movements your finger will cut the flying fruit in half leaving nothing but a fruitless, juice covered screen.

Vimeo, £Free
Watching videos on the enlarged screen of the Nokia Lumia 900 is a no-brainer. With a larger screen you’ll be able to see more of what’s being played. Vimeo is a place where amateur film-makers often upload their content for your viewing pleasure.

PES 2012, £3.99
In the continuing saga that is Pro Evolution Soccer, it’s time for the 2012 edition. Become your favourite team and take them to the top of the league, leaving your opponents face down in the muddy pitch.

Nokia Drive, £Free

Nokia Drive on a Nokia Lumia 800

If you’re a regular driver and are looking to get from A to B quicker, or just want to learn a new route, than Nokia Drive is the best driving companion. Using your phones GPS, Nokia Drive will guide you wherever you want to go, with clear voice-guided command and clear on screen instructions.

Angry Birds, £2.29
What better way to use the 4.3″ screen on your Nokia Lumia 900, than to use it to fling birds out of catapults. Angry Birds is one of those fun games where it’s all about demolishing buildings and killing pigs. But don’t worry. No animals were harmed in making this game.

Nokia Creative Studio, £Free
We all love taking photos on our smartphones, so why not get creative with them. Nokia Creative Studio lets you tweak your photos, giving people distorted faces or adding a nice filter to them to make them seem a older than they are. There’s also the option to take a great panorama, too.

NFS: Hot Pursuit, £3.99


Chose to become either the bad guy (the street racer), or the good guy (the cop chasing the bad guy) in this high-powered racing game. After you’ve selected which model of car you want to ride and suitably pimped it out, burn some rubber with the help of Nitro to reach the checkpoint.

Kinectimals, £2.29
If you’ve got Kinectimals on your Xbox 360 at home, then this is the perfect companion to the game. You can take your animated pets with you everywhere and interact with them throughout the day on your Nokia Lumia smartphone. Plus, this game unlocks five new cubs on your console.

YouTube, £Free
The grandaddy of people-generated video uploads, YouTube, is available right on your Nokia Lumia. Watch a dog on a skateboard, a cat playing a piano or just somebody falling over. It’s all there.

Which is your favourite? Let us know, in the comments section below.