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March 29, 2012

Nokia Belle – Nokia 701 with Jaygohel's Blog

Time for a quick look around the Nokia 701 from Jaygohel’s Blog! He literally posted this a few days ago so it’s still pretty hot off the press. He talks about the phones comeback with Nokia Belle and illustrates some of the improvements he has noticed with some great screen shots. We doth our hat to your great work on Nokia Connects…

Jay titled his recent post ‘Comeback by Nokia 701 in mobile technology’, so it’s safe to say he’s pretty happy about the switch from Symbian to Nokia Belle. He cited that previous Symbian users will be happy to see the pull down menu, new interface, new widgets and Qt applications that run a lot smoother. Ultimately the aim of Nokia Belle was to make your phone feel like a new device and based on some of JayGohel findings it has gone a long way to doing this.

He suggested that the opportunity to create up to six new home screens was a “big revolution in Nokia technology”. He posted a few examples of the home screens he has produced to make his mobile experience more organised and tailored to his lifestyle.

He likes how shortcut icons can now be moved anywhere on the home screen – they are no longer confined to a single line of four – you could just have once icon on one home screen if you want. Despite using multiple lines of shortcut icons he has still used them in rows of four, but you can see how the different home screens can be altered to match different parts of your life.

Jay moved on to highlight the 8MP EDOF camera in the Nokia 701, he said ‘its quality is the awesome in every aspect’. Here is a sample picture he took in his hometown using the phone:

Make sure you check out the rest of his post, there is plenty more to feast your eyes on. Did you guys see the amazing Nokia 701 and Nokia 603 photography on Nokia Connects recently, we recommend you check it out. There is some great images generated by the community for your eyes.

How have you found Nokia Belle? We really want to convey your thoughts to the rest of the community. Have you seen any reviews you want to highlight to us? Let us know @Nokia_Connects