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March 30, 2012

Top comments on Nokia Connects this week


Cuban musician, Al Jourgensen, once said “Art is commenting on what’s going on around you in your life.” If that’s the case, then the Nokia Connects community is full to brimming with a great bunch of artists. This week they’ve been sharing their insights on everything from the size of your camera to the fixing of a water logged smartphone. So, without further ado, here’s our pick of the week.

The Big Debate: Camera or cameraphone?

Cameraphones have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, and with the Nokia 808 PureView that revolution is set to continue. But are they good enough to make you wave goodbye to your digital camera? This is what we asked in our weekly big debate. Jacaré summed up the pro cameraphone camp perfectly.

I’d definitely go for the cameraphone if it´s camera is good enough (like the 808 Pureview) simply because of the many advantages of today’s smartphones. You just don´t have to carry that much equipment.
If your memory is full just send some pictures and stuff to your email.


5 things you need to do if you get your phone wet

Everyone knows that water and electronics don’t mix. But what do you do if disaster strikes and you drop your smartphone in the sink? We put together an infographic to help save your smartphone if the unthinkable ever happens. Chani, gave us a laugh with his tale of woe made good.

No water story this, but once it was raining and I put my phone in the only polythene bag I had, along with half a dozen eggs. One cracked and spilled all over the phone. I just wiped it down and kept it on a voltge stabilizer overnight. All was well! Smelly for few days, though, but well.


Dennis Manarchy: A man on a mission with the world’s largest camera

Size isn’t everything. Unless you’re packing a camera and your name is Dennis Manarchy. In a world where everyone’s focusing on making cameras smaller, he’s done the opposite and made the world’s biggest. We asked what you’d take a picture of if  you had a day with his super-sized  snapper. John Anslow’s answer might not have been the most artistic, but it certainly gave us the biggest smile!

I’d take the biggest head in the world, hmmm now which politician to choose?


Empire Avenue: Social Media Rocket Fuel

For many of us social media have become part of our everyday lives. But how do we know how well we’re doing in relation to others, and how can we increase our impact on social media platforms in a simple and measurable way? To find out we took a closer look at the platform, Empire Avenue. We couldn’t help but pat ourselves on the back when we heard Sia A’s comment.

Team Nokia, you guys have been absolutely stellar and an excellent example on how a corporate SM outfit can conduct business. I do not use a Nokia phone, and had no interest, but in terms of Brand recognition you guys have simply kicked ass with your Empire Avenue works.

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts, and especially this weeks top commentators. If you’d like to join this exclusive club, get writing.