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March 31, 2012

App review: Traintiles is 'perfectly implemented'

We like to bring you a little light relief from time to time on Nokia Connects – apps and games that you can spend a few minutes (or longer) using or playing between more pressing day-to-day tasks like emails, editing documents and making those important calls.

via All About Symbian

Steve Litchfield has taken a break from his camera comparisons and has himself been taking a look at Traintiles on his Symbian^3 phone (I downloaded it on an N8 – in the interests of research, of course).

It’s a tried and tested format – player has to control several activities at once in order to achieve success (see Flight Control, Slice Ice for more). Steve was quite enamoured with the game, saying it’s clear that it is a ‘labour of love’ for the developers (they have put time, care and their hearts into making it as good as it is). Indeed he goes as far as to say that the game is ‘perfectly implemented’ – high praise indeed from Steve. In fact he goes as far as to say that it is ‘one of the very top Symbian game titles’. Now that is a recommendation!

via All About Symbian

Have you played Traintiles? Do you rate it as highly as Steve? Let him know by leaving a comment, or jumping on your Twitter and letting us know @Nokia_Connects.