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April 2, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #13

As someone once said in a film somewhere, ‘I’m baaaaaa-aaack’ and I have plenty of things to make you smile this Monday – but first a word of thanks to my temporary replacement Joe.M who was big enough to man up and fill in last week while I was on vacation – Kiitos. And while #13 may be unlucky for Joe, it’s lucky for you, because I’m back and bursting with things that made me smile this week.

via Huffington Post [via A Dress A Day]

First up this week is Nerd Wear. This, I love. Like the Tetris Dress above, there is a growing industry for making geek fashion (and I’m not just referring to the comic book print t-shirts which fill my closet). This is real hardcore nerd stuff, like the Fibonacci sequence scarf (look it up, the entire natural world is based around these numbers, from the way sunflower seeds are arranged to the spirals on a snail shell to the uncurling of a fern – blows my mind) and the Pong Hat – slightly less high brow, but fun nonetheless.

Additional – potential ‘Best Geek Tshirt Ever’ winner – Choose Wisely (although there is only really one choice – can you guess which I’d go for?)


Following on from the remote control flying DeLorean featured in last week’s MMSM, I bring you the Sand Flea. This has to be seen to be believed.

Amazing. Not sure what practical use this has in the real world, but it made me smile. Imagine attaching a papier mâché head and jumping up at windows to scare people….that’s about it. Can you think of any uses?


Another video now. I’d apologise for the visual overload, but it’s my post so I’m not going to. Also, I’m not going to lie, I have no idea what The Duel is, but this remake in Lego is astonishing and makes me never want to see the original in case it isn’t as good as this epic. Yes, I used the word epic. The time and effort that went into this made me smile, as did the end result.

Additional grin – more Lego-based movie reenactment news…Shaun of the Dead anyone? Yes please!


Quick Grin

A chap who has lost 95% of his vision was able to drive himself to a fast food restaurant and pick up his dry-cleaning in a ‘self-driving car’. Pretty cool. Except, of course, it had to be a hybrid. And there was suspiciously little other traffic in the road…Still, it made me smile to see a guy eat a burrito with two hands while his car was moving.


Oh, and there’s been an announcement of a movie sequel. But not just any movie. One starring Ronald Joseph Aaron Burgundy. This made me smile.

Got anything to add? What has made you smile this week? Let me know by leaving me a comment, or get #MakeMeSmileMonday trending on Twitter by letting me know @Nokia_Connects what’s creased your cheeks over the last seven days.