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April 3, 2012

Some of our favourite April Fools'!

April Fools’, the only day of the year when you can legally be a fool! Some of my friends legally do that everyday, but for others this annual celebration is a license to confuse the hell out of others. An April Fool can take many forms, but ultimately you have to convince friends or family that something ridiculous is actually real! Here are a few examples that really caught my eye…

via diyfather

Some of us use Skype everyday right? But what if you could use ‘Skype for String’ with your friends, the ingenious new product from Skype that lets you communicate without the need for a computer, mobile phone or even electricity!

via Skype

Yep, you’ve guessed it, Skype tried to fool their customers with a special Skype cup and string communication device! They even put together a Skype to String guide. It explain the bare essentials of the ‘new’ product, like how to add a contact:

  1. Place one of the cups at the location from which you wish to make the call.
  2. Find out the location of your friend and make sure that your string is long enough to reach them.
  3. Take the second cup to this location and hand it to them carefully

Richard Branson is best known for pushing the boundaries of exploration, whether that’s across the globe in a plane or hot air balloon, launching into space or diving to the deepest depths of the ocean. But did he fool you or your friends yesterday with the new Virgin flight to the centre of the Earth?

via trendhunter

Apparently this exclusive once in a lifetime Virgin Volcanic trip will be the newest addition to your bucket list (brings a whole new meaning to the expression ‘hot ticket’ if you ask me). Branson supported the phoney website for the trip through a volcano with quotes from Tom Hanks and Seth Green, he even chipped in his own reasoning, great call:

“I have long held a fascination with volcanoes since reading Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Alongside our adventures with Virgin Galactic and Virgin Oceanic, volcanoes are the next great unexplored terrain.” 

This next example is barking mad if you ask me. Tesco brought out a phone for dogs (the silly thing is I can actually believe some people would fall for this). Picture the scene – you’ve lost your dog down the park, solution – just give him a call and he’ll pick up the dog and bone to tell you where he is. Genius right?

via Dream Dogs

Have you ever been sat next to a crying baby on a long haul flight? It’s definitely not pretty. Despite not getting any sleep, you end up feeling bad for the parents who are doing a great job trying to look after young children in such a confined space. Well this could all be a scenario of the past as WestJet introduces ‘child-free cabins’. Yes believe it (or not), WestJet have introduced a new programme that keeps children away from all other passengers in an exclusive VIP area of the plane!


Well those were some of my highlights, please let me know below or @Nokia_Connects if you saw any other April Fools’ out there. Did you catch our very own April Fools joke on you guys? I would have bought this icy offering: