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April 6, 2012

Week in Pictures #5

Time for us here at Nokia Connects to take a visual look at all the exciting things that have been going on in the world this week.

via prettygirlwallpaper

1. Tiger cubs in Berlin Zoo

First up is this stunning close-up shot of a tiger to commemorate the introduction of four Indochinese tiger cubs to the Tierpark Friedrichsfelde Zoo in Berlin on 3 April.

2. April Fool’s Day

Since Joe.M has already done a brilliant job of highlighting some of the best April Fool’s around the world, I decided to be alternative with my marking of April Fool’s day and pay homage to the fact that in France it’s known as Poisson d’Avril (literally ‘April Fish’). People spend the morning attaching paper fish to the backs of unsuspecting victims in an aquatic twist to the usual April Fool’s day prank. They even spend the day eating fish!

via Taras Kalapun

3. Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach 2012

Staying with the watery theme, the annual Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach in Australia is arguably the world’s biggest and most well known surfing competition. Since its humble beginnings back in 1973, the competition has attracted the best professional surfers from across the globe, and being the Rip Curl Champion is now almost as prestigious as the World Title trophy.


4. April Snow

Large parts of the northern hemisphere have been experiencing unseasonal snow and ice storms this week, with temperature dropping well below the Spring average. Luckily, no snow has got as far as the Nokia Connects headquarters yet – but I’m eyeing up those big black clouds nervously!

via opinionsofanangryman

5. Easter

Today is good Friday, which marks the first day of the Easter weekend. 🙂 Whether you’re spending it Easter egg hunting with the family, or plan to hide in a cupboard and eat all the chocolate yourself, here’s a picture to get you in the mood!

via postcodelottery

That’s it for this week’s Week in Pictures. Next week I won’t be here, so I’m handing over to the charming and very capable Joe.M, who I’m sure will do the post justice. Let him know if you’ve taken any images that capture your week and that you want to see here @Nokia_Connects!