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GLOBAL– Regular Conversations readers know that we often feature stories about Nokia’s incredible Asha range, like the Nokia Asha 303, and the services, like the Nokia Browser, Nokia Life and Nokia Maps for Series 40 that you only get with a Nokia. 

Now take a look at the Nokia Asha story in numbers (click through for the full-size image):

Asha infographic

We use the word “incredible” because Asha has been the most recent milestone in the journey of our Series 40 phones, which have connected unprecedented numbers of people around the world to friends, family and information (via the internet) that they would otherwise never have been able to access.

This year Nokia sold its 1.5 billionth Series 40 handset – an Asha – to a young woman in Brazil. In growing, fast-moving parts of the world people demand phones that can give them all the information and connections they need for a cost that they can afford. That’s why Asha, and Series 40, have set such a successful course to the future.