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SUNNYVALE, CA, United States – So you’ve charged up your brand new Nokia Lumia 900, customized the settings to your liking, and you’ve set-up connections to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and email accounts. Now what?

It’s time to dive into the wonderful world of apps, of course. We’ve curated a list that is sure to get you off to a great start with your Lumia 900. Enjoy:


Facebook at Marketplace

You can upload your Facebook friends straight into the People Hub, but it helps to have the free app too so that you can run your account in full on the go. Facebook allows you to access groups, messages and other Facebook facilities in one good looking app.



WPCentral is an amazing Windows Phone focused blog that features Windows Phone news, app reviews and even accessories. The companion application costs $.99 and is worth it – you can access blog articles, reviews and even leave a comment in the application. Any serious Lumia owner should have this app on their phone.

Nextgen Reader

Nextgen Reader

Nextgen Reader is a full feature app for Google Reader users. With Nextgen, you can sync your feeds for offline access and send a piece of news to ReadItLater if you don’t have time right now. Oh, and it won our March App Madness competition.

4th and Mayor

4th and Mayor

4th and Mayor is a simple app to utilize Foursquare. The app easily lets you see where friends are located and check-in with a few easy steps. A recent update makes it easy to check-in via scanning a QR code and viewing menus of participating restaurants is a nice feature sas well.


CNN has a unique partnership with Nokia that has delivered the CNN application exclusively for Lumia devices. The app delivers awesome news coverage including video and even a nice tie-in with iReport so you can submit your own news directly in the app.


Ebay at Windows Marketplace

Everyone uses eBay at some time and whether you are buying or selling, you need to have access 24/7. eBay for Windows Phone lets you create a listing or buy an item, depending on how you want to use the service.


Expensify at Windows Marketplace

Expensify is an amazingly easy app that takes the pain out of doing expense reports. I use Expensify at my job and I absolutely love the mobile app.


Evernote at Windows Marketplace

Evernote is a full featured app that you can use in every aspect of your life. Keep tabs on everything with this nicely laid out app.


What's App at Windows Marketplace

Another instant messaging app that you can use across platforms. Especially great for keeping in touch with anyone on Blackberry Messaging Service (BBM). Just input your number, accept the terms and conditions and the Windows Phone app will give you a list of contacts already using it.


Kayak at Windows Marketplace

Anyone who travels will find Kayak vital for checking flights and sourcing routes. Don’t leave home without it.


Pulse at the Windows Marketplace

Any news junkie will appreciate Pulse with its fully customizable news interface. You can browse by source or subject and get your fix of everything that’s in the news mix. Pulse gives you your news in one application.


TripAdvisor at Windows Marketplace

TripAdvisor is the travelers’ companion. You can access hotel reviews, experiences and all sorts of information that is crowdsourced and ready to make your trip happy and expedient.

Social Camera

Social Camera 2.5 at Windows Marketplace

Another new one for me. But it’s looking like a must for anyone uploading video from their Nokia Lumia 900. Social Camera the first Windows Phone app that allows you to upload your own videos to YouTube, and the only one that lets you transfer your videos from SkyDrive to YouTube.

Xbox Companion

Xbox Companion at Windows Marketplace

One of the reasons for owning a Nokia Lumia phone has to be the Xbox link. For more details about the app that never stops playing, see our post.

ESPN ScoreCenter


Once you’ve downloaded this app, you’ll start wondering how you ever did without. ESPN ScoreCenter brings you scores, news, and standings from hundreds of sports leagues with personalized scoreboards as well as breaking news and analysis, and all the latest video clips. It’s a must-have for any sports freak out there.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds at Windows Marketplace

This is a must have game for any mobile phone.  For me, my daughter can’t go a day without playing Angry Birds – so this is a must-have app for me.

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants Vs Zombies at Windows Marketplace

Our colleague Phil Schwarzmann loves this game and it’s immensely popular in the Marketplace.


Tetris at Windows Marketplace

Keep your Tetris skills in shape whenever you feel like it. Perhaps THE best puzzler ever dreamed of.


Bejeweled at Windows Marketplace

A gem of a game, need I say more?


Epicurious at Windows Marketplace

A constant companion in the supermarket, Epicurious enables you to find new recipes and buy the ingredients at a glance. The choice of dishes is enough to satisfy the heartiest of appetites.


Endomondo at Windows Marketplace

Comes in very handy when you’ve been overdoing the Epicurious app. With choice of activities, Endomondo produces maps of your efforts and keeps track of your achievements.