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April 18, 2012

Regional Spotlight: Poland

Poland is one of those countries that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves on the international stage – or so my Polish friends tell me! Which is why I thought I’d put the balance right, just for a day, here at Nokia Connects by focusing on all things Polish.

Balloons flying over the Terrace Watchtower in Warsaw, Poland, via swamibu

First of all, I bet you didn’t know that Poland is the homeland of many cool inventions, including the walkie-talkie, bullet proof vest and mine detector! It’s also one of history’s most invaded countries, which is probably why it retains such an ‘unbreakable spirit‘ and is so keen to embrace the future!

And you hardly need a better example of Poland’s forward-looking nature than the NFC-enabled exhibition in the National Museum in Krakow. Visitors to the museum get to see traditional art in a whole new way – through their Nokia phones! By borrowing a Nokia C7 from the museum – or using their own NFC-enabled device – art lovers can tap a famous painting and learn all about its history and the life story of the painter who made it. That’s 20th century art brought into the 21st century!

via Nokia Conversations

Poland was also the starting place for a unique journey marking the 140th anniversary of Phileas Fogg’s journey (that’s the publication of┬áJules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days, for those who don’t get the reference). To celebrate this occasion, the Nokia E6 took to the skies to complete an epic round-the-world trip in a single battery life: Around the World on ONE Battery. Don’t believe me? Then watch the video!

And on from an amazing journey to the Amazing Everyday – Nokia Poland has been running an Amazing Everyday video competition across the country calling on people to submit their own 25-second stories of the little amazing things in life. Here’s one of my personal favourites to make you smile:

That’s it from the chilly lands of Polska this week – stay tuned on @Nokia_Connects to find out which country will be in the spotlight next!