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April 19, 2012

Future Tech: Driving you forward

Driving – something most of us do without thinking (even, for me now, on the wrong side of the road) – could soon be something that might be taken out of our hands, but for now, here are some concepts that we at Nokia Connects hope to enjoy before we all sit in tubes to get where we’re going.

via Wired

Highlighted at the recent New York Auto Show some of the things that currently do not feature in my old banger (but could be seen in vehicles in the near future) include innovations such as the in-built collision cameras seen above. Eyesight (as demonstrated in a Subaru model) claims to detect objects and pedestrians and brake for the driver (if travelling under 19 m.p.h.) or alert a driver if moving faster. Quite nifty and builds on the rear view cameras currently in some vehicles that prevent people reversing into posts, cars and other pesky obstructions.

Also on show in New York were NASA-inspired car seats that have cushions ‘that reduce pressure points to improve blood flow’. Nice, I always wanted to be an astronaut, so this is one step closer.

What really drew my attention, though, was the ‘GogoLink’ system that takes an essentially non-viable touchscreen that comes to life when attached to a smartphone to create ‘a cloud-based infotainment system’. It becomes a music and navigation station, picking up real time traffic updates and has the advantage of being able to be updated OTA instead of being locked into your dash. Pretty much just like your Nokia. This is where my mind started to tick.

via psfk

With the seemingly unstoppable and massively swift improvements in self-driving cars (as seen on Make Me Smile Monday #13), how long will it be before you can sit at home, plan a route on your Nokia, walk (or hop on your hoverboard, or teleport) to your car, plug in your phone, sit back and wake up when you arrive? It will avoid all traffic snarl-ups thanks to Nokia Maps. It will avoid all random obstructions thanks to the technology seen above (or, as we’re talking about the future, the phone’s camera replaces the fixed in-car cameras). Driving will become stress-free. I like the future.

Where do you see driving technology going int the next few years? How many other ways can you imagine to integrate your Nokia into your driving experience? Let us know in the comments box, or @Nokia_Connects.