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April 20, 2012

The Week in Pictures #7

It’s that time again here at Nokia Connects, and Im back from a brief jaunt to warmer climes to bring you the five most inspiring images of the week.

via gavingough

1. Bisket Jatra Festival, Nepal

A week-long celebration to herald the Nepalese New Year, Bisket Jatra symbolises the promise of new beginnings and the triumph of Good over Evil. The festival’s origins go back hundreds of years, and supposedly involve a legend of a princess who unwittingly killed all of her husbands on her wedding night with a poisonous snake that lived in her nostril. It was when one plucky bridegroom stayed awake and killed the snake that the curse was lifted and a new dawn could begin.

2. Parade, North Korea

This week saw the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, North Korea’s founder, which was celebrated with all due pomp and circumstance. Personally, I just think this picture is cool because it almost looks as if it’s just one sailor standing in front of a row of mirrors… Also, check out their cool uniforms!

via dailypics

3. BMX riding, France

You might have already seen our post about Germaine Elokan, a French communications student who was so inspired by Nokia’s extreme sports videos that he made his very own BMX video using the Nokia Lumia 800. It’s an awesome example of how one talent inspires another, and this photo of Germaine doing tricks certainly deserves a place as one of this week’s highlights!

via Germaine Elokan

4. Tokyo Sky Tree, Japan

At  634.0 metres (2,080 ft), the Tokyo Sky Tree is officially the world’s tallest tower and was this week opened to the press for the first time since its completion in March. This photo shows the tower still during the building process, but I love the way you can see the structure stretching all the way into the sky as if it could reach the heavens themselves…

via mikesblender

5. Lego Forest, Australia

Who doesn’t love Lego? And what could be better than a full-size Lego forest slap-bang in the middle of Sydney?! To mark the 50th anniversary of the little coloured building blocks’ arrival Down Under, Lego have created a life-size maze of trees and flowers in the centre of the city. Now that’s certainly a way to brighten up a rainy April afternoon…!

via wikinoticia

That’s it for this week’s installment of pictures from around the world. If you’ve taken any pictures that you think we should be showcasing here, then let us know – we’d love to hear from you @Nokia_Connects!