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Nokia N9

Last month was all about Lumia, but today we want to focus on another Nokia flagship phone: the N9. Once again Nokia Connects have teamed up with our power users from the Nokia Support Discussions Forum – a global platform with almost a million posts in over 150,000 topics – written by almost 400,000 registered members……..

……and the result of that connection was this post, here are the 10 tricks and tips everybody who owns a Nokia N9 should know.

ONE: You can quickly unlock your phone by double tapping on the screen and you can close any app by swiping down (If you are not on the latest software version yet, you need to enable this first via Settings > Device > Display).

TWO: If you want to easily uninstall an app, just tap and hold the respective icon on your apps homescreen until a red cross appears. Tap on the red cross and the app will be uninstalled.

THREE: You can quickly access your phone dialler, camera, messages and Web browser from the lockscreen. Simply swipe the homescreen halfway up from the bottom to reveal the shortcuts. And if you want easy access to WiFi, bluetooth or your profiles, just tap and hold the notification bar on top of your sceen.

FOUR: If you like to text in many languages (English, Finnish, German, etc.) you can access different local keyboard layouts by swiping across the keyboard. So, when you are composing a message, you can can more languages via Settings > Time and Language > Text input > Inst. Input Methods. If you like Swype, you can enable it in the same section under Settings > Time and Language > Text input.

FIVE: In the multitasking view you can pinch and zoom in to get a 2×2 grid of applications – and if you want to see more at one glance, just pinch and zoom out and it extends to a 3×3 grid.

SIX: You can manage your internet accesspoints via Settings > Internet connection > Edit networks. Press and hold any of the shown access points to change the settings and switch between automatically (so that the phone will connect whenever possible) or manually (only when you need it).

SEVEN: To help you de-clutter and organise your homescreen you can create additional folders to place your apps in. Hold your finger anywhere on the apps homescreen and then press the “New Folder” button that appears at the bottom of the screen. Moving apps into the new folder works with simple drag and drop and the folder icon will then show the first four apps it contains.

EIGHT: After updating your N9 to the latest software version (PR1.2), you can use the front camera to make video calls via Gtalk (Google talk), which is available from Nokia Store. It’s free to use (WiFi or data charges may apply) and you can call other Gtalk users either on your computer or mobile phone.

NINE: To be able to install apps from other sources than Nokia Store, go to Settings > Applications > Installations and slide the button to “allow installations from non-store sources”.

TEN: Additionally to the built in “Accounts” app, that let’s you manage your Facebook, Skype, Mail for Exchange or MS Office Communicator availabilty from one single location, our Nokia Support Discussion Forum experts rate the following apps as a must-have:

– “Home screen settings” app, to add your favourite images as a background and adjusting its brightness and sharpness to make it more subtile and unobstrusive. There’s even an option to have animated sin waves as a wallpaper. (Once it’s installed it integretates itself under Settings > Applications > Homescreen after you reboot your N9.)

– “Profilematic”, to customise profiles and change them automatically according to rules defined by you

– “Screen Capture”, to capture and save screenshots from your phone for later use.


We hope you liked these! If there’s anything else you think we should mention, please leave us a comment below or @Nokia_Connects.