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Battery Saver on white Lumia 900

SUNNYVALE, CA, United States – The battery in the Nokia Lumia 900 is one of finest ones out there but after a particularly busy day of emailing, web browsing, app hopping, video uploading and playing Angry Birds for longer than is medically advised, it’s not uncommon for your smartphone to start waving the white flag.

While it’s difficult to blame your closest technological companion for requesting some electrical nourishment, there are times when we’ve wished the five o’clock shadow could just hold-off until about… oooh… seven.

The innovative Battery Saver mode within the Nokia Lumia 900 is your friend here, keeping your handset bright eyed and bushy tailed.

The easily accessible feature (Start > Settings > Battery Saver) eases up on fuel consumption by trimming back on the non-essential workload. When employed, your Nokia Lumia 900 won’t automatically check for new emails, run background or update Live Tiles. Of course, everything can still opened and updated manually, but the device is liberated from constantly pinging servers.

Here’s an idea of the greatness you can achieve, and the horrors you can avoid, while your Nokia Lumia 900 is putting in overtime.

1. Securing the hottest ticket
You’re sat in a bar, post-work, when Breaking News takes over the big screens. Axl and Slash have kissed and made up and Guns N’ Roses reunion show tickets are on sale…NOW. While a battery-less barroom drowns its sorrows you’ve secured a ticket to Paradise City.

2. Who’s bright idea was it to go geocaching?
Geocaching apps such as OpenCaching7 have combined fresh air and exercise with an excuse to continue playing with our phones, but constant GPS’ing can be a serious cellular foe. Picture this: You’re lost in the woods, both the sun and your phone are ready for bed and life is starting to look like an Eli Roth movie. Thankfully, Battery Saver kicked in at 20 per cent and you escape before weird inbreeds place you in elaborate torture situations.

 3. Getting the job done
You’ve had an uncomfortably smart haircut, ironed your best suit and set three alarms for morning. You’re ready for this job interview… except you forgot to plug your phone in. While other operating systems may reward this foolhardy move with a dead battery and an unwanted lie-in, the Nokia Lumia 900 will get you through the night.

ESPN Hub app on white Lumia 900

 4. Weathering the storm
Extreme weather is getting stupidly extreme lately. Who knows when a big ol’ storm is going to knock the electricity out for days? Battery Saver, among the 500 new features within Windows Phone 7.5, keeps you connected and brings vital survival information (like the latest from Cowboys vs. Dolphins on the exclusive ESPN Hub app. Reducing the screen time-out setting, lowering the display brightness, and selecting Dark as a background color helps too.

5. One in a lifetime shot
Imagine your horror if Zooey Deschanel walked into your local cafe (this is a day when the sun’s out and she goes outside for her tomato soup) and you didn’t get a pic with her, due to a busted battery. How could you possibly go on? Just one day at a time…

 6. Saving and experiencing
Apps like Foursquare, Yelp and Microsoft’s own Local Scout on Windows Phone are helping users cherry pick the best local offers and discover new experiences, but they’re no use with a flat battery. Think of Battery Saver as a banana to stave off a growling belly.

7. Live happily ever after
You see this happen in TV shows all the time. The guy works for months to earn a date with his crush. She finally agrees, but on the way his car breaks down and his cellphone battery dies. Then it starts raining. While she’s waiting, something terrible happens and she never forgives him. We’re not trying to scare you, but the guy with Battery Saver called, explained, ended up marrying her and fathering beautiful children.

 8. Surely it can’t be that bad?
“Want to catch a movie?” she asks. You grab your smartphone to check Movies by Flixster, but its done for and unable to peruse reviews. “How about that new Adam Sandler flick?” she inquires. You think, ‘well it can’t be that bad?’ 90 minutes later, you’ll never let anyone tell you Battery Saver is not important.

 9. Saving money and pride
With Internet at our fingertips, it’s rare that friendly arguments over who was MVP of Super Bowl XXV aren’t settled by an instant web search. Instead of risking cash and pride on a foolhardy bet, turn on Battery Saver and check Wikipedia.

10. Lumia 900: Ending the wait for pizza
What does everyone need after a night out? You guessed it; pizza. However, after uploading drunken photos to multiple social networks, your handset is tapping out. Battery Saver mode gives you enough juice to order en route home and still function as a flashlight while you fumble for keys.

Are you using Battery Saver on your Lumia phone? Has it ever saved you from a true battery horror story?