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Word games on your Nokia Lumia

GLOBAL – In a world of HD-games, it’s all too easy to get swept away by the lush graphics and forget about those games that are simply fun and addictive. Word games are making a comeback and we’ve spent hours playing word games to bring you what we think are the top five on your Nokia Lumia.

Wordament on Nokia Lumia 800

Wordament leader board

Wordament, £Free
Since we wrote about Wordament back in March, this game has been redesigned and modified. It’s now an Xbox LIVE game. This means that you can play and compete against your Xbox LIVE friends and earn achievements as you do so.

Wordament is a game of speed and wits. Every player who plays this game is playing the exact same board of letters, so it’s constant multiplayer action. Although you don’t see the other players moves as you’re playing, you do get to see their score at the end of each game which is also where you get to see how well you played against them on the ranked leader board.

With a board of letters, you must trace your finger over the letter to spell out words that are at least three letters long. Letters must be in direct contact with the previous letter in order for you to find a word. The bigger the word, the higher your score.

With only two minutes per game and hundreds of players at any one time, you’ve got to think fast. Can you top the leader board?

Wordfeud playing board

Wordfeud players

Wordfeud, £2.29
With an empty board displaying nothing but empty squares and the occasional coloured square with either: TL; TW; DL; or DW printed on it, you must rearrange the letters in your (virtual) hand to spell out a word. Then, by placing that word down onto the board, you’ll receive some points. The amount of points you’ll receive depends on the letters used and where you placed the tiles.

Games like this only work if you’ve got somebody else to play with, and that’s where you’re contacts list comes in handy. You can search for friends in your contact list right from within the game, and wait for them to accept – they’ll have to download the game too, of course.

However, if nobody in your contacts list wants to play, you can always find a random player who’ll be happy to oblige.

Crosswords game

Crosswords game with clues

Crosswords, £2.29
The back page of any newspaper is usually dedicated to the crossword. It’s not always easy to read a paper, though, especially packed onto a train on a busy morning commute. There is however, usually space for your tiny mobile phone to keep your entertained for a while.

Crosswords does away with the need to carry a pen around with you and
collects the crossword puzzles from popular newspapers around the world. there’s also the option to download these crosswords to your phone so that you can play them later in offline mode if you need to.

Scramble wooden tiles

Scrambled, £Free
Much like any other word game, Scramble is all about scoring as high of a score as possible. Each tile has a letter and a number on it and you’ve got to pick out those letters to make words.

Usually, you’ve got a board to play on, but not in this game. Instead, you’ve got a simple rack of random tiles where you’ll need to pick your letters out from. Then once you’ve found a word, you submit that word into the word bank below where your score is added up after you’ve used up all the tiles – 98 in total.

Hangman gameplay

Hangman category

Hangman, £Free
Hangman is a classic game that we all probably played as a kid as it’s not too challenging. This is much the same.

By selecting the category you want to play in, whether it’s body parts, movies, world countries or famous people, you’ve then got to find the letters that make up there predetermined word using the on-screen keyboard. If you get a letter wrong, your man will be one step closer to being hanged – which is obviously a bad thing.

There’s also a nice Wikipedia button, too, that means you can learn about the words being spelled out. It’s both education and fun.

All of these word games are available for the Nokia Lumia 610, Nokia Lumia 710, Nokia Lumia 800 and the Nokia Lumia 900.

Are you into word games? Which is your favourite? Use the comments section below to let us know.

Image credit: derrickcollins