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May 7, 2012

Make Me Smile Monday #18

Time to wash away the Monday Blues in the basin of Nokia Connects using the soap of Make Me Smile Monday and the water of happiness. Or something.

via Gadget Box

After the nerdy bathrooms of a couple of weeks ago there’s more interior decorating from people with more time/money/imagination/skill than I’ll ever have. From Narnia-inspired hidden rooms actually through a wardrobe to more Mario awesomeness, these dormitories (stuck for another word for bedroom) are simply magnificent. I want one. And I’m 35. They make me smile.


Time to unleash the inner geek now. We all have one, and I bare mine once a week in this MMSM post, so let your true feelings run wild when I share with you 4 million digits of Pi. Not a list of numbers, however, oh no. Do you think that would be good enough to make these auspicious pages? No, some clever bod (Hermann Zschiegner to be exact) gave each number a colour, and represented the numbers visually.

via Mashable

That’s some damn good Pi (another geek reference there – if you get it, let me know in the comments). I just made myself smile.


It’s all going a bit visual this week, but there has been so much brought to my attention that deserves some eyeball time that it would have been a shame for me to leave any out. So feast your mince pies (a bit of rhyming slang there to confuse our international visitors) on this:

via MyModernMet

Not sure quite how Ben Heine manages these amazing images, whether he takes the photo first then does the sketch then takes another photo. Or what. But they are immense, and they make me smile.


Two for the price of one now. Made from paper (well, cardboard too). Papercraft is becoming a big thing lately, and no example I have seen is better than this Bugatti Veyron. I’m not sure I quite see the point, but the final product can absolutely be filed under A for Awesome.

via theChive

More paper-based fold-and-glue crafts now, in the form of some life-sized cardboard sculptures (above). The patience, oh the patience, it must have taken to make these. And to not have a load of glue oozing out of the joins. That alone makes me smile.


Do you think I’d let an edition of MMSM go by without a mention of everyone’s favourite Danish plastic interlocking brightly coloured bricks? Not a chance. So here’s a couple of Lego-based things that have made me smile this week.

In fact, it’s two things you can do with your Lego if you’re bored of making buildings, spaceships and towers. How about making food? Not actual food, of course, but representations of food. Creator Bruceywan is #winning at Lego.

via Huffington Post

More plastic goodness in the form of chairs that you can build yourself (easier than from that Swedish furniture shop too)….and then alter the size and style if you fancy a change. Making me smile.


Quick Grins

You know that trick where you whip away a table cloth and everything stays on the table. That. With a yo-yo.

How about a real life meteor streaking across a real life desert sky captured in a photo?

Some warehouses are big. Some are huge. Then there’s this one.


Your Grins

From CJ – ‘Big grin on my face. Just updated my #Nokia #Lumia800 and all is well. Who says Mondays are bad?’ Love that!

And spurti preetham has shared this heart-warming image. Click through for a guaranteed smile.


Another monster issue of MMSM there. Hit me up on Twitter with anything that’s made you smile this week (use #MakeMeSmileMonday, if you’d be so kind), or fill the comment box with your examples of awesome. Thanks.