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May 16, 2012

Regional spotlight: China

Having explored the vibrant city-state of Hong Kong in this space a few weeks ago, I thought it might be time I took all you Nokia Connects readers to check out what their close neighbors have been up to over in China.

via 51cacg

First up is the exciting news that the Nokia Windows phone has made its way to Chinese shores with the arrival of the Lumia 610 and Lumia 800 – one lovely blogger even provides us with a Lumia 610 unboxing for our viewing pleasure!

The launch of the Lumia 800 kicked off with a very special ceremony held at Beijing’s Yongdingmen Gate – the oldest, and most important, entrance to the city.

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We’ve already talked about China’s amazing social media boom here at Nokia Connects, with home-grown social networks such as RenRen, Kaixin 001, and Sina Weibo taking the place of banned sites such as Facebook and Twitter (and even outstripping them technologically). Which is why the arrival of one of the world’s greatest smartphones is such an exciting opportunity for China!


In terms of cultural events, there has been a lot going on in China over the past few weeks and months – which is only to be expected, really, in the world’s most populous county!

Two big music festivals, the Strawberry Music Festival and the Midi Music Festival, battled it out in Beijing a the end of April – not to mention two smaller, but equally important, MMAX Party Festival and Dong Party Folk Music Festival. All on the same weekend. Phew!

via genychina

On the artistic front, there’s 789 Art Zone, a district in Beijing famous for its thriving artistic community on the cutting edge of underground art.

And if neither music or art are to your taste, then there’s always the Idoacg Carnival, where participants dress up as their favourite anime characters – kind of like this:

via newsetcosplay

Cool, eh?!

That’s it for this week’s China spotlight. As ever, drop your comments, questions, observations or general ramblings in the comments below, or spam me on Twitter – you know I won’t mind!