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May 20, 2012

The Big Debate: Re-home or recycle?

Once a week we sit down and have a good old fashioned chin wag about a couple of things. It’s called The Big Debate and I am your host for today, Paul. Last week Tom asked you about Music vs Gaming… this week it’s something different altogether.

What happens when your phone expires or you start considering replacing it with a new one? Usually people get very attached to their phone and wouldn’t part with it for the world because you’ve been places together, seen things together, it’s helped you out and hopefully never let you down… But, when you start thinking about a new phone you usually stop caring about your old, weathered performer, that has served you well for so long, which begs the question, what do you do with it?

The Big Debate: Re-home or recycle?

Made with your recycled phones

via Ric e Ette

You have a couple of options available to you. You can run over to a Nokia Recycle point and chuck it in, perhaps it will end up being a funky park bench one day? Or you can gift it to one of your friends or relatives of course, sometimes a phone will stay in a family or years and years, especially a Nokia!

Personally, I go with the recycling option because I don’t have any younger brothers or sisters to treat. I have gifted an old phone or two to friends as well but usually it’s straight to the recycling home from me.

How about you, what’s your preference? Let me know in the comments section or shout out on Twitter.