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May 28, 2012

The Big Debate: 'conveyor belt' star V 'raw talent' star

We’ve put our guitars and drum sticks down for five minutes to tell you that #MusicWeek has come to an end here on Nokia Connects. But the good news is that the music will live on! Before we sign off another one of our theme weeks I wanted to ask you that weekly question. You know, the one where you have two options, but you can only to pick one. It’s time for The Big Debate…moving on swiftly from last week’s Recycling beauty.

via RichardBowen

This week it’s a music related question. Cue #MusicWeek related shock! More specifically, an artist and path to fame based question. Now we’ve all seen a musical talent show of sorts and we’re all aware of the ‘conveyor belt‘ stars plugging holes in our charts (left apparently by the lack of raw talent out there) but which do you prefer? The manufactured star or the star with raw talent making it on their ‘own’?

The Big Debate: ‘conveyor belt’ star V ‘raw talent’ star

Or do you think I’m being a bit harsh by presuming that all talent show winners don’t have raw talent? I really want to tell you my thoughts on this matter, but, I fear it would skew the results.┬áNot really, I personally can’t stand factory style musical talent but it’s also very hard to tell what exactly we are being fed as musical lovers these days. That great band or solo artist you heard recently could and probably is/are part of a parallel, behind the scenes, talent machine (aka the music label).

Please let me know your thoughts (below or at @Nokia_Connects). I want this one settled by you guys, these borders are very blurry and we need a definitive answer!