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Lumia 900

Father’s Day is coming up here in the United States on June 17th. For some of us, we have Dads that we want to celebrate, but it’s hard because Dads are usually hard to shop for. 

Don’t fret though – I’m here to suggest some cool gifts that your Dad would dig. What father doesn’t like tech toys?  

Starting off with a bang

The Nokia Lumia 900 would be the gift of the year. The Lumia 900 is perfect because it features a large 4.3″ screen and a solid unibody construction. Let’s pause for a second – what does unibody mean? It means the Lumia 900 is built from one single piece of polycarbonate and is encased with a strong glass front.

This phone is so strong, it can take abuse.

Here’s proof:

Is your Dad the type who really digs technology but doesn’t want to spend a huge amount of time figuring it out? The Lumia 900 features Windows Phone, meaning it’s a powerful and fast mobile operating system but easy enough to master straight out of the box.

The Lumia 900 costs a mere $99 from AT&T and comes in Cyan, Black and White. 

Let Dad rock out in style

No matter which Nokia phone Dad has, it’s bound to have Bluetooth. And if he’s like most fathers, he likes his music. The Nokia Play 360° speaker is the perfect companion for any audiophile, this speaker will help him rock out come Father’s Day.

The Nokia Play 360° connects to your phone (or any other audio source) by Bluetooth or a standard headphone cable. I find Bluetooth to be the best option because it allows me to roam around and hear my playlist without being tethered.

I have a cyan Play 360° that matches my Cyan Lumia 900 and I appreciate the amazing battery life that the Play 360° carries. With a huge battery, it has a playtime in upwards of 20 hours and features amazing sound with a solid bass and epic sound reproduction.

Mount that Lumia

The Lumia phones are a very useful companion while you’re on the road. However, what’s a Dad supposed to do if he wants to map a destination in the car? The ProClip mount will surely make his day.

The ProClip mount for the Lumia 900 was just released and gives a nice mounting option for inside your car. The ProClip tilts 20 degrees each way, allowing you to find the best angle to use your phone with.

The ProClip for Lumia is custom fit so the device fits snug while allowing you to safely take the phone in and out as you need to.

What are you getting Dad for Father’s Day?

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