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June 12, 2012

Technology today #2

Yesterday we kicked this new feature off on Nokia Connects, what did you think? I’ve collected the tech baton from Emanuelle overnight to highlight some nuggets of joy that I think you might like from today. So be prepared, because I’m about to go all army jellyfish on your backside! Only joking, I will be telling you about jellyfish, but just not that aggressively! Welcome to technology today #2….

via Collegiatetimes


Ahh politicians, some people like them. Hmm, but quite a lot of people don’t like them. Either way, it’s now even easier to give politicians money! Wahey! In America you can send a text message to support campaign delegates looking to take the hot seat at The White House.

via scragz

Donations are capped at $50 for each individual campaign, so no need to panic if your friend presses an extra 0 for a laugh while you are sending the text! Reports from the Obama camp suggested that the response rates are 20% higher than other phone based calls to action. I think I would rather donate to save people in a natural disaster instead of contributing to an inevitable disaster!


Twitter are introducing ‘Tailored Trends’ for users. Who you follow and your location will be tracked more consistently with new algorithms to make trends more relevant to your interests. Alternatively you can switch off the function and go for a worldwide location, also know as the ‘bring back Justin Bieber’ option.


We do love a robot on Nokia Connects, even robots with ridiculous names like RoboJelly below. It looks small and harmless, but it turns out that this little jellyfish could one day have a future in the US Navy!

via virginiatech


Finally, how much would you love to remotely charge all of your electronic devices from up to 50 metres?! Yes, I know what you’re thinking, it doesn’t really make sense. But when you put what I just briefly outlined into the context below it does:

“Leaving home while carrying a phone, an iPad and a laptop might also mean lugging along several tangled power cords. Now add radios and GPS devices. Now strap them to your person and wrap the cords around your body beneath your 30-pound armored vest. Oh, and you’re on patrol in Afghanistan, which means there’s no place to plug in when your phone’s batteries start to die. This explains why the Pentagon is keen on eliminating those cables with wireless chargers, and now wants to boost the range to more than 50 feet. The plan involves spending $5-6 million using the branch’s research and development centers to increase the efficiency of power transfer over longer distances.”

I read that in Wired and just thought, yep, you’ve got a great point there!

Had you already spotted any of these tech gems online? Have you got any fresh ones for me? Please do let me know below in the comments or @Nokia_Connects if you have, I will feature my favourite one next week when I return to write my Tuesday slice of technology today.