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June 15, 2012

Week in Pictures

This week’s Week in Pictures is all about you – showcasing some of the best photos you guys have submitted to my eagle-eyed scrutiny. And, of course, it’s Sustainability Week here at Nokia Connects, so I’ve chosen those shots that I think best show the beauty of our natural surroundings. Enjoy!

via sheridan01

1. Pure-view lake

First up is this stunning shot by Richard Dorman of a lake using the Nokia 808 PureView. What I love about this photo is the depth and the detail. You can almost smell those pine trees and hear the lapping of the water against the shore… Richard also took these amazing seagull shots using the PureView – capturing nature in all its glory!

2. Piano fountain

Our good friend Tim Y drew my attention to this photo earlier this week. I can’t decide what I like most about it – the fact it’s a piano, the flowers, the water, the whole concept of nature meets art… basically, I love it and I hope you will too!

via topcultured

3. Leaves

Sometimes it takes looking at something in a slightly different way to see the true beauty in it. Now, we all know and like leaves (or at least I’d hope you do!), but this up-close shot by Agraphia on his N8 captures so much more about this simple object… Ok, now I’m babbling, but the picture is pretty….

via Facebook

4. Whale sighting with a Lumia 800

Dave Permen tweeted this amazing photo, along with others, he took using his Lumia 800 whale-watching in Southern Spain. This is a holiday snap with a difference, and really wakes you up to the awesome power of our natural surroundings. In a word: wow.

via Dave Permen

5. Hamscape

My final pic(k) of the week is this other-wordly looking landscape – made entirely of ham! I already drew your attention to the world’s meatiest sandwich a few weeks ago, so now it’s time to feast your eyes (sorry, couldn’t help myself) on this tasty-looking (and all natural) composition. I don’t know where this is supposed to be, but I do know that I want to go there!

via imgur

That’s it for the sustainability special of the Week in Pictures. Don’t forget to get in touch via Twitter or in the comments below if you want to see your images in this space next time around. 🙂