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June 23, 2012

App Report – Dark Knight, new Nokia apps and more

News this week of an exclusive Dark Knight Rises trailer, a fresh injection of apps into the Marketplace, and a look at some S40 apps on the Nokia 110.

via Nokia Facebook page

Exciting news for fans of Mr. Wayne and his alter ego. The new (and final) Dark Knight move is coming soon, and Nokia fans were given access to an exclusive preview this week. I’m sure there’s more to come, so keep your eyes on the Facebook page, YouTube channel and of course here for more.

via the launch video

Hard on the back of the news from Microsoft this week came news that there will be a whole new slew of Nokia apps available in the Marketplace soon. Among these is Camera Extras – a new camera app that includes features such as Smart Group Shot and self timer. There’s a video, so have a look. Also announced, Contact Share, Counters and Play To – there’s a couple of posts to read on this – the one from our friends at Nokia Conversations, and this one I pulled from the mass of coverage.

Also this week, DrTech0logy has taken a look at the apps on the Nokia 110 in a video that is both informative and enlightening. Covering threaded messaging, Facebook and Twitter on the S40 phone, It’s a great look, I urge you to have a watch if you have a Nokia 110.

So what do you think? Excited about The Dark Knight movie? Seen any apps you think I should feature next week? Let me know in the comments, or drop me a note on Twitter.