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June 27, 2012

Regional Spotlight: UAE

Following on from last week’s focus on the Rock AM Ring in Germany, this week I’ll be heading to slightly warmer climes to see what has been going on in the hot and dusty UAE, one of only two Arab countries in the top 40 innovators in the world.

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Building on this innovation theme, April 2012 saw the second annual UAE Innovation Challenge, in which participants design, build and fly their own remote-controlled airplanes. The challenge is intended to explore new ways of creating aircraft, with the intention of building the strongest and fastest plane possible with the materials available.


Possibly the most exciting event in the UAE this year is the upcoming Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November. The annual F1 race began in 2009 and marked the first ever day-night race. This year’s event looks to be even bigger and better than ever, so stay tuned for updates!

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This summer is also an opportunity to take part in Dubai Sports World 2012, the Middle East’s largest indoor sporting event. For two months over the summer, the Dubai World Trade Centre is turned into a huge indoor (and air-conditioned!)  sports complex hosting everything from football to beach volleyball. Sports World is open to everyone to come along and try their hand at their favourite sport (or even try a new one), and also offers training sessions for amateur and professional athletes to get their sporting skills up to scratch. Not one to miss for sports fans in the UAE!

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Also, don’t miss the Dubai Summer Surprises shopping extravaganza taking place between June and July, and have you heard about the Nokia Gift Machine’s recent debut in Dubai?

I hope you find yourself knowing a little bit more about the exciting things happening in the UAE than you did at the beginning of this regional spotlight. If you want to see your country in the limelight next, then don’t forget to drop us a line on Twitter or leave your suggestions in the comments on the way out. 🙂