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July 3, 2012

Best film accessories for your mobile

For making movies – you know, on holiday, at birthday parties, at the kids’ school play – you really don’t want to miss a moment due to shaky hands or a dodgy lens. Which is why a Nokia is so good to have in your pocket. But what if they didn’t have Carl Zeiss technology and excellent video recording?

via this story I wrote in March

Filming those special moments with my Nokia has always been a joy, from the N82 to the N8 and now the Nokia 808 PureView (well, once I get my hands on one), so there has never been a need to add an additional lens. In fact, it’s only in extreme circumstances that adding anything is necessary. Like if you want to film the moon in insane detail. Attaching your N8 to a telescope is perhaps a little extreme, but I have seen add on lenses (why, just why?) for other brands of mobile phone that are legitimate and maybe necessary. With a Nokia, however, I truly believe there’s no need for any additional hardware for your day to day filming needs.

via They Call This Life

The results:

Something you may think about using if you’re all about the more professional look to your film is a tripod. Even with in-built technology to correct camera shake, a tripod is going to guarantee a steadier shot every time. I’m not talking about a full blown camera rig like they used to make Olive (you know, the first full length feature film to be shot entirely on a mobile phone), but something more consumer focussed, like the old Nokia DT-22 tripod (which I have used on many occasions whilst filming for this site), and the new HH-23 clamp designed for your Nokia 808 PureView (well spotted, Jay). Or you could go for something more generic, like a Gorillapod, that allows you to film virtually anywhere. I have seen the ‘this + Nokia = great movie’ solution more times than I can mention here (but here’s a neat sample of how steady a shot you can get).

Have you ever used an add on lens or tripod for you Nokia (well, maybe with another brand you had to…)? What modifications have you made to a phone to achieve better movies? Let us know below, or drop me a tweet.