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You’re sure to have noticed that Nokia’s gone batty for the caped crusader over recent months. It all started a while ago when a limited edition black, engraved Dark Knight Rises Lumia in the UK hit the headlines.

More recently, there’s been a Nokia Lumia app to help celebrate the film, we had a Nokia-exclusive new trailer and, last week, a special case offer for US Lumia 710 owners.

Gotham City 3D

Since the original limited run of custom phones sold out faster than a batmobile in flight-mode, a small, extra production run of bat-themed Lumias was even created to feed the hunger of fans. We trust their new guardians are even now meting out justice against wrong-phone owners in their own metropolis.


And today, Dark Knight fever reaches a new level with the introduction of Nokia’s Gotham City 3D experience.

Gotham City

The main part of the experience is an in-depth tour through the streets of Gotham, visiting the key locations from the film.

[NB: This campaign is now over and the microsite removed. Sorry if you found it late in the day.]

But there’s also a game embedded, with a competition for some fantastic prizes ranging from amazing Lumia 900 batphones to a limited-edition Dark Knight cowl.


We’ve been warned that the questions are tough, though, so you’ll need all your bat-senses about you if you’re to find the answers. Keep an eye on Nokia’s Facebook page for some of the information you’ll need to succeed.