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Ten more apps from Nokia Store for your Nokia Belle and MeeGo smartphone

Last month we brought you ten apps from Nokia Store for your Nokia Belle and MeeGo smartphones. After reading all your comments we could see you wanted more. So, without further ado, here are ten more.

Most of these apps were suggested by you, our readers, from the previous story. However, due to the fact there weren’t ten suggestions, we’ve filled in the rest and marked them with an asterisk *.

Nokia C6-01


Vimeo – £Free


Vimeo is a video service where professional or amateur filmmakers upload carefully created creations.

This official app brings you all of those videos with easy to search functionality. You can even upload your own, too.

fMobi – £1.50


Updating your Facebook status is a daily task for lots of people. Sometimes, it’s even done hourly.

fMobi enables you to chat with friends, update statuses, check-in, upload photos, comment and like other people’s posts. Everything you’d expect to find from a good Facebook client.

Remote Control for PC – £3.00

Remote Control for PC

Sit back, flick on the PC and control it with your phone.

It’s perfect for watching movies, listening to music or even controlling Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Gravity – £8.00


If you’re somebody who likes to connect to friends, family or random people on one of the social network sites, then Gravity is a good app to keep on top of your accounts.

With support for Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Google Reader and Flickr, you can update all your friends from one simple app. This one.

CoverUp * – £3.00


Smartphones nowadays are multimedia machines, and lots of people use them as their daily music player. Sometimes, though, your artwork doesn’t always store properly and you’re left with a blank icon where pretty artwork should be displayed.

CoverUp finds and adds artwork to all those blank albums.

Nokia N9


DreamRemote – £1.50


Connecting via WiFi, this app turns your MeeGo smartphone into a remote control for your Linux based set-top-box.

DreamRemote is compatible with all Enigma1 and Enigma2 based DreamBox receivers, as well as dbox2 with neutrino image and the VDR project.

cuteTube – £1.50


Here’s another video client, but this time bringing you videos from YouTube.

You can manage your favourites, playlists, and subscriptions all from this app. Plus, you can download videos to your phone, too.

ClipMan – £1.50


On occasion, there may be a need to copy and paste from one document to another. That’s where a good clipboard manager comes in handy.

By leaving this app running in the background, it collects and stores your text. This applies for big documents, text messages and anything else you’re been writing.

Sports Tracker – £Free

Sports Tracker

When you’re out performing your daily exercise, it’s always a good idea to document how you’re progressing. Sports Tracker does all the hard work (well, not the work out) for you by keeping a record of how long you were training for, and also exactly where you were, using GPS – particularly useful if out running as it tracks your course.

You can then share all your workout records with a community of like-minded fitness fanatics on the Sports Tracker website. Or not, if you’d prefer.

ShakeLock * – £1.00


This is a very simple app. Rather than pressing the lock key, you can just shake the phone to lock the screen.

You can set the shaking sensitivity and also the direction to match what’s easiest for you, along the x, y, or z-axis.

That rounds up another ten apps from the Nokia Store. Thanks for your input from the last post; it helped to create this new list.

What’s been your favourite app here? Are there any more you’d have chosen? Let us know, using the comments section below.