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July 6, 2012

Week in Pictures

Diving in to the photographic pool and separating the good from the not so, it’s time again for some images that best sum up the events of the week just gone. It was a busy week, and featured the July 4th Independence Day celebrations in the US, Canada Day, the Euro 2012 Final and a polar bear.

via Phil Davies NY on Flickr

1. 4th of July/Canada Day fireworks

The rockets and Roman candles were popping and banging north and south of the 49th parallel in North America this week as both Canada Day and Independence Day were celebrated. It’s a time for BBQs, boating and booms – clearly the boating is only possible if you’re near the water, and booms only if you like fireworks, but BBQs are mandatory. Nobody does fireworks bigger than Macy’s in New York, and the picture above was captured as they set the Hudson alight with pyrotechnics. Of course, this was a smooth-run operation, but in San Diego they managed to let ALL their fireworks off in a 15 second burst.

2. Anori the polar bear

July isn’t usually a time that you’d associate with polar bears (in the wild, you’d think of snow blowing sideways, Arctic winds and -45°C temperatures, not heat waves and thunderstorms), but Anori was showing off at the Wuppertal Zoo in Germany.

via rediff (via Ina Fassbender)

3. Euro 2012 final – the ecstasy and the agony

Nothing sums up the two sides of the coin of winning and losing the Euro 2012 final than these two images. The joy of victory and sharing the Cup (Sergio Ramos on the left and Jesus Navas on the right), with emotion bubbling over – their eyes are wet, as would mine have been if I’d just won the Henri Delaunay Cup (bet you didn’t know it had a name, did you?)

via Washington Post

Contrast that with the distraught figure cut by Mario Balotelli (who had to leave the field on the final whistle to compose himself – and still looked like this when he’d collected his runner up medal).

via Washington Post

For a 360° panorama and the chance to tag yourself (if you were there), take a look at the UEFA site.

4. Sign of the times

While some areas of the U.K. are flooded (as seen in last week’s Week in Pictures – indeed it was one of the wettest Junes on record), parts of South Korea are experiencing drought like never before. Indeed, it’s so bad that this reservoir in Siheung (north of Seoul) has dried up, leaving this poor fish stranded.

via MSNBC (via Reuters)

5. Nokia 808 PureView in Jordan

Finally for this week, a trip to Jordan on camelback. Courtesy of Joris van Drooge on Reizen (a Dutch travel site), I found this pic in the PureViewClub Flickr stream (which is a must for anyone eager to see what the Nokia 808 PureView is capable of photo-wise…there’s even comparison shots). The shot from Jordan, though, has everything from the majesty of the carved temple to the colours on the blankets to the ‘we’ll just wait here’ expressions on the camels’ faces.

via PureViewClub

So that’s what’s caught my eye this week, how about you? Got any shots you think are worthy of the Week in Pictures? Or do you want an assignment to go out and take a snap using your Nokia? Let me know in the comments, or reach out on Twitter.