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Camera Extras

Launched a couple of weeks ago, the new Camera Extras app for the Nokia Lumia range gives your camera a boost with a host of photo-enhancing settings, including Panorama, Self-Timer, Action Shot and Smart Group.

With the summer months now in full swing, here are some photo opportunities that can be enhanced through the new functionality.

Try Camera Extras on the checklist below and send us your photos. We’ll post the best shots right here on Nokia Conversations in a Creative Showcase.

As far as the eye can see

The human eye is not limited to the peripherals of a camera lens, and neither should your photos be. Whether you’re embarking on a city break, a hiking holiday in the mountains or picking out your spot on the beach, Camera Extras easily allows you to create seamless photos spanning the entire skyline, in only one touch.

Just shift the lens from left-to-right, line-up the on-screen box and the camera will do the rest. Be patient though; the preview shown on screen, while the image collates is not the final image.

Beach panoramic

As you can see by the picture above (click on it to see a larger version), Camera Extras will straighten out those ragged edges for a great-looking Panorama shot.

The Meat Table

Just because the 4th July is done for another year, it doesn’t mean you have to put the grill away for the rest of the summer. Especially when entire-table views of a banquet of perfectly-charred animal parts can be captured.

Scan the platter with Panorama mode and post online to the envy of social networking friends. It’s what Freedom is all about.

Create an illusion (of well behaved children)

Be honest, as angelic as the young ankle-biters in your family may appear, getting all those siblings and cousins to look in the same direction for a photo, without pulling faces or beating each other up can be a mission.

Smart Group Shot captures five shots in quick succession and will automatically leave out the grimaces and pick out everyone’s best face. 

Take me out to the ballgame

Everyone loves a group shot from the ballpark, but it ain’t just the kids who have the propensity to act like idiots in photos, especially after a lengthy pre-game. 

Smart Group Shot

The entire posse (including yourself)

If you’re the designated family photographer, you may wistfully gaze back at special moments and feel aggrieved that your grinning mug doesn’t appear alongside the rest of your posse.

The Self-timer functionality in Camera Extras helps you complete the shot, giving you ten seconds to get in on the act. On your marks…

Self-Timer on the Lumia

 A romantic dip

Capturing a blur-free image of the surf washing across your toes is often a holy grail for a photographer with only a smartphone at his or her disposal.

Give it a try with Action Shots on Camera extras which allows you to fire-off multiple frames in a shorter space of time, just by holding down the shutter.

Ocean Toes

Immortalising marital bliss

Everyone loves a summer wedding (except the guy/gal who foots the bill) but it’s rare that you’ll fully capture the blur-free essence of that scrimmage for the bouquet as wannabe brides fight to the death. Again, give it a try with action shots.

Forever taking photos

They should really rename that song I’m Forever (Trying To Get Good Pictures of People) Blowing Bubbles. Action Shot with Camera Extras will minimise the time it takes to capture that look of wonderment on the youngster’s face while that mixture of soapy water flies “so high into the sky…”

Getting Camera Extras

Camera Extras can now be downloaded from the Nokia Collection section of the Windows Phone Marketplace on your Lumia handset. Once downloaded, open the app for the first time, and the options will then automatically appear in your regular camera app settings. 

Remember, once you’ve made use of Camera Extras to enhance your snaps, you can tweak them further with Creative Studio. Within this suite you can add effects, crop, rotate, boost exposure and more. As you can see below…

Beach Toes