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What do YOU do with your phone? [poll]

Last week we brought you a report from research company Nielsen. It showed that 96 per cent of Lumia 900 owners are extremely satisfied or somewhat satisfied with their new phone, and also some insight into how people use their Lumia 900.

Today, we want to know how you – our readers – use your Nokia Lumia. Not just the 900, but also the other members of the Lumia family.

In the poll directly below, please select each feature that you have used on your Nokia Lumia in the last month. There’s then one more question after that we’d like you to answer, too.

Now, in this section, please let us know how often you perform those tasks. Don’t forget to hit the button at the end to confirm your selection.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these, we’ll take a look at these next week and go through the results.