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Camera Extras

Two fantastic new apps, Camera Extras and Contact Share, are now available for your Nokia Lumia smartphone.

The two apps were announced a month ago and have already been rolled out in some countries, such as the USA and China, but are now in the Nokia Collection* for you to download wherever you are.

Camera Extras enhances your Lumia’s camera with a host of new functions and shot choices, while Contact Share is an easy way of sharing your contacts by SMS or email.

You can download and install these apps on any Nokia Lumia smartphone from the Nokia Collection in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Camera Extras

Camera Extras enhances your Lumia’s camera with some great new functions and shot choices.

  • Smart Group Shot: Capture great group shots in just one attempt by choosing the best faces from a burst
  • Action Shot: Capture fast-moving action shots with just one click and significantly improved shooting speed
  • Panorama: This new control feature makes it easy to capture beautiful panorama shots by finding the image in the sequence
  • Self-timer: Set up your Lumia on a stand and get yourself into more photos

Some photo opportunities and examples from Camera Extras was explored in this Conversations post.

Contact Share 

Sharing contact information is something we all do a fairly frequent basis, whether we are manually inputting someone’s name, address, phone number and email address into our phones or we are giving that sort of information out to someone else

Contact Share

Perhaps, you are sharing the contact details of a mutual friend with a colleague, or you are asking your mum for the phone number of a distant relative.

Contact Share takes away the hassle from giving or receiving contact information with your friends, family and colleagues. Rather than writing anything down, or typing it in, it can now be all done by SMS and email.

This is faster and also eliminates the possibility of writing and typing in the wrong number!

If you have a Nokia Lumia 710 or Nokia Lumia 800 you will need to have the latest software update installed first. The software update also adds extra features to your phone such as flip-to-silence and Internet sharing. 

If you are one of the lucky ones who have already been using Camera Extras or Contact Share, let us know how you have been getting on in the comments below.

*While the apps find their way into the Nokia Collection, you can use the link from wpcentral  to download Camera Extras.